Report: grass cutting Linnetfields Estate

15:33 Apr 8 2021 Near Clonee

I have been in touch with you before. My issue is the following.
I live in Linnetfields Rise no. 2. I am in the last house in a cull-de-sac, both sides of my street are closed off by a wall and a fence, around which are streets. I am the first house in my street, and do not have houses directly opposite me. There is a small patch of grass outside my house, which I tend. In addition, thre is a larger patch of grass not adjacent to anyone's house.
Fingal council used to cut the grass there (many years ago). However, this has stopped and I have been cutting it ever since.
A number of years ago the bin prices went up and I contacted you to ask you to start cutting it again, as this grass was going into my bin, for which I pay. I'm not even mentioning my time, petrol, and all the trash that ends up in there, which I put in council bags (thank you).
However, it was only cut by the council once.
Today I met one of your grass cutters and asked him why he is cutting the grass inside the estate on the other end of the street, but not the grass on my end of the street. He told me it was not what he was told to do and he would not go into the estate. However, the grass on the other side is being cut by the council, so I don't understand why my end is not being cut. He refused.
The summer is coming up and this is going to be another big problem. My time, money and effort will be needed to keep this area clean again. I'm regularly cleaning up and I have no problem with that, but I need help cutting the grass. I am also suffering from artritis and will need double hip replacements in the next while.
The extra effort the council grass cutters would make to cut that grass would take up 5 minutes with their large machines, and would be very much appreciated. Please could I ask again for you to ask the grass cutters to make that small extra effort and help me out?
Thank you,

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