Report: Unsafe pedestrian crossing

08:55 Sep 9 2021 Near 53.033696989379,-7.3033596009358

I've had some very close calls as a pedestrian crossing at Market Square (Grattan Street at St Peter's Church). Traffic enter Grattan Street at speed as they exit off the roundabout, flying through and ignoring any pedestrian who is already on this crossing, particularly if traffic is backed up on the other lane creating a blind spot. It is particularly hazardous for older people and children who may (quite rightly) feel they are safe when on the crossing and mid way across! Some form of traffic calming is required here, I think raising the crossing point (as done at County Hall crossings) is the only solution. As a motrorist I hate these speed ramps but as a pedestrian they seem to be the only thing that slows speeding motorists in built up areas.

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Corporate Affairs, Laois County Council (Sep 9 2021)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. Your query has been forwarded to the Roads Department for attention and this department will be in direct contact with you regarding this matter.
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