Report: Potholes

21:38 Sep 15 2021 Near Feans cross to Foleys cross , Causeway

The road surface between Feans cross and Foleys Cross out in the Causeway area is very uneven. There are several potholes on this stretch of road that are deep and deceiving and will cause a blow out for someone. Also Feans cross is a giant pothole mess and extremely uneven, there is no way to approach it safely in your car , no matter if you come to a full stop before it you still bounce around, going through it. Would it be possible for someone to review this road and maybe fill in the holes or even get it resurfaced before the winter, as it will only get worse and will become more a hazard than it already is. Thanks -- posted via mobile web
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Corporate Affairs, Laois County Council (Oct 4 2021)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. Your query has been forwarded to the Roads Department for attention and this department will be in direct contact with you regarding this matter.
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