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14:34 Sep 17 2021 Near N/A

Hi there,

I'm living in apartments in Augustinian Lane in Limerick and across the lane is the back of some restaurants which have extractor fans (the picture is from my sitting room window). The noise out of these fans are ridiculous and start from before 12pm up to 10:30 at night but can go on later. Two fans are particularly bad. one is making a higher pitched noise which is very irritating and the other seems to be switched into a high setting and is also creating a loud and low noise.

I have tried to contact the restaurants and resolve this but I'm not having any luck as I cannot pinpoint which fan is making the noise and which restaurant is associated with it.

I understand that the vents are needed and I'm not asking that they're switched off but the high pitch noise should be fix and the intensity of the loud fan should be decreased. Both are loud enough that I can hear them inside them apartment with the windows closed and they're double glazed.

Please help, thanks . Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Noise -- posted via the public api
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