Report: Dangerous obstruction in cycletrack

14:52 Jul 17 2012 Lucan

The developer of the new gaelscoil in Lucan, opposite the Lucan Sports and Leisure Centre, as placed a jagged topped waven pipe vertically in the ground right at the termination point of the cycle track at the entrance to the Leisure centre, on Esker Manor (continuation of Griffeen Road). Also, they have dug up the road surface at this point and across the full width of the road, without providing a proper temporary and safe surface. There are no warnings to cyclists approaching. The pipe is about 30 cm high, has a rough and jagged top to it, and is liable to be unseen by cyclists (especially in the dark) coming down the Esker Manor from the Griffeen Road direction.

Also, SDCC have placed a new bollard right in the middle of the termination point of this cycletrack!

I attach photo which shows this.

Previously, the developer had placed metal plates at this point, which are absolutely lethal to cyclists when it rains.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Aug 1 2012)
The Roadworks Control Unit Inspector has been in contact with the builders at this location. The pipe has now been removed. The area has been temporarily resurfaced and once all works are complete the area will be permanently resurfaced.
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