Report: Horses running wild and uncared for Drumcairn

18:13 Dec 11 2012 Drumcairn Avenue green space beside

on the open fields between Drumcairn Avenue and Cheeverstown Road horses are dirty cold and hungry -local children are riding small horses to exhaustion - please can you send someone out
Horses running wild and uncared for Drumcairn
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Dec 12 2012)

Thank you for using Fix Your Street.

Your query has been referred to our Enforcement section they will call out and inspect the area.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environmental Services) (Dec 14 2012)

Thank you for your report of horses at this location. The issue highlighted has been passed to the Council's contractor to investigate. The contractor will carry out seizures of stray and unlicensed horses in line with previous seizures on the basis that the horses are present at the time of the investigation.

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