Report: R393 Ratharney to Ballynacarrigy

10:55 Dec 12 2012 R393

I would like to make a complaint about the following road.
The longford part of this road is in very good condition and always looked after and gritted in this weather.
When you cross the bridge onto Westmeath roads its a whole different ball game altogether.
It's Atrocious!
First when you cross the bridge you come as far as a new stretch of road which has about a foot of a ramp up onto it and the same drop off it,its actually a laugh and then its a very bad road for most of the way with potholes and dips and hollows and everything you could think of.
Now i have put up with these roads untill i damaged the wheel on my car 2 days ago before Ballynacargy , Willie Penrose's side and i said to myself enough is enough.
At the minute the County Council vans and trucks are travelling this road as they are doing the road in Emper 'L5912' ,my uncle travels that road everyday and there is some potholes that need filling while they are beside it in 'Oldtown'.
I want these two matters seen to asap or i will take this further.
I am unaware of the cost of damage to my wheel yet.
Thank you
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