Report: Non repaired path public hazzard

09:28 Aug 9 2017 outside 15&16 Broadfield lawns, broadfield Manor

The path outside of 15&16 Broadfield lawns , broadfield manor , rathcoole ,Co.Dublin. Is not repaired and is just loose stones with an open 2ft man hole, posing difficulties to children falling off their bikes while using the path. The path has been like this for over a year and never repaired. This is socially unacceptable and imposing a danger to the public of slips and falls. Over 18months ago this path was dug up to fit public street lighting and the works were never completed nor the path restored back to concrete.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Sep 6 2017)
Broadfield Lawns is in the charge of the developer, Cavan Developments. As such this complaint should be addressed to them.


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