Report: Bad traffic management and road layout

10:33 Oct 12 2017 M50 bridge at Junction 10

The road layout at the junction of the M50 bridge at exit 10 is disgraceful. On the bridge there are two lanes for turning right down onto the M50 and one lane for going straight towards the Katherine Tynan Road. EVERY evening when going home, cars who are in the lane for turning right onto the M50 ignore this rule and continue on straight causing bottle neck on the Katharine Tynan Road skipping the queue of traffic that has observed the rules of the road and I have seen and been a victim of some near crashes. There needs to be an amendment to the road layout so that if you are in the lane for turning right onto the M50, you cannot continue on straight. Its going to cause a serious accident one day.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Oct 13 2017)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street.

The area you are requesting to be looked at is under the jurisdiction of the Tii.

Your query has been forwarded to them for their attention.

If you wish to follow up on your query please email Tii at
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