Report: Unused cars parked on the street

08:18 Jan 12 2018 Near Warrenstown Place Blanchardstown


I just wanted to ask what can be done in relation to the unused cars parked on the street. One of the neighbours bought a new car about 2 years ago and since then his old car is parked on the street. The other neighbour is parking cars on the grass on the opposite side of the road and they are all filled with junk. This is a cul de sack street. We bought a house here few years ago and since then the street lost its charm completely. The cars obstruct the way for a street cleaning trucks and the leaves gather around it creating a mud. The other cars,around 5 at the moment, are parked on the grass which completely ruined it. Can you please help? This looks awful and it's very upsetting. Thank you very much in advance for your help. -- posted via mobile web
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Castleknock Mulhuddart Operations (May 15 2018)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street and only cars without tax or insurance discs or registration plates will be removed. Regards Fingal County Council.
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