Report: broken street light

13:31 Apr 16 2018 Near 66 castleglen donacarney

Street light working intermittently but off more than on -- posted via
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Meath County Council (Apr 16 2018)
Thank you for contacting Fix Your Street. It is essential to have the pole number when reporting a public lighting fault so that the repair crew can easily identify the correct pole on the network. Please email or reactivate this FYS case providing us with the following information:

- the identification number on the pole

- the town or village and the street name

- the location of the light (for example, outside house number 3)

- the nature of the fault or damage, for example the public light is off or the door is missing from the lamppost

- your name and contact number

As already stated, it is essential to have the pole number which you will find in white lettering either on a green or black band on the pole -

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