Report: Referendom Poster

15:30 Apr 16 2018 Near 51.896594093157,-8.4207072545747

There is a No Campaign poster on a telephone pole outside the local shop. The referendum posters have no printer name and address shown and so are against regulations and can be taken down as it is considered litter. It is also in close proximity to a primary school which lots of kids walk to everyday which is totally unacceptable too.

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Graffiti, Litter and Illegal Dumping Customer Care Agent (Aug 2 2018)
Thank you for using the Fix Your Street website to report your service request. Your query has been referred to one of Cork City Council Litter Wardens to investigate. If any local resident can provide details of the person or persons dumping at this location, they should contact Cork City Council at freephone 1800 222226 or by email to . All information received may be of assistance to help Cork City Council to take enforcement action under the Litter Pollution Acts 1997 to 2009 against the individual/s responsible for the litter/illegal dumping. A further response will issue to you in due course.
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