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Filthy rubbish bins 0

16:05 May 17, 2019

Hi - the bins at this shopping centre are just awful. They are almost constantly overflowing and to be honest even if they weren't I wouldn't be comfortable...

Near 53.290334970708,-6.2983785473883

Faulty street lights 0

15:10 May 17, 2019

In Lacken Village there are three street lights constantly on they are numbers 9 16 and 17 ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.13945405995,-6.4897298593125


Tree Pruning 0

14:40 May 17, 2019

For quite a number of years, the residents of Grange Manor, Rathfarnham, have an ongoing problem with overgrown trees. The estate is now 31 yrs old and...

Near 53.286658777159,-6.2726967704158

Illegal dumping in lane 0

14:25 May 17, 2019

About 20 black bag of rubbish have been dumped in the lane between Palmerstown Drive and Culmore Rd D20 at the California Hills end -- posted via

Near Palmerstown Drive D20

Sewage block, really foul smell 0

13:01 May 17, 2019

Entrance to Glencarrig Drive estate Firhouse, beside Firhouse community college,sewage filling up the drain outside ,awful smell -- posted via

Near Firhouse

Dumped cooker 1

12:55 May 17, 2019

There is a cooker dumped on the side of the footpath. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.36254198005,-6.28635088681

Pot holes 1

12:25 May 17, 2019

Potholes between the roundabout and the entrance to Turvey Business Park. Potholes closer to Donabate have been repaired. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.492784,-6.195066

Large pothole 0

12:05 May 17, 2019

I have a large pothole outside of my driveway which constantly fills up with water whenever we have any amount of rainfall, as a result cars are driving...

Near Grange House, the grand, malahide, co dublin

Street light broken 0

12:04 May 17, 2019

Street light no. ETO44 out of order on Brookstone/Grange Road, Baldo -- posted via mobile web

Near Brookstone Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13 light number ET044


Double Yellow Lines 0

12:02 May 17, 2019

Hi, I'm wondering if these double yellow lines are necessary at the top of Loretto Terrace, Rathfarnham? There is plenty of space for cars to pass as...

Near loretto terrace, rathfarnham

Tree 0

11:59 May 17, 2019

Tree falling over because of no stake just between the first second ramps on Huntstown rise on the right hand side as you drive up -- posted via

Near Huntstown rise

Public light out of oder, Shancastle Avenue 1

11:52 May 17, 2019

Public light currently out of order on Shancastle Avenue, Quarryvale, Dublin 22. Pole Number 21. Thank you. -- posted via

Near Shancastle Avenue, Dublin 22


Additional speed ramps adamstown park 0

11:44 May 17, 2019

Residents in adamstown park and st helen need addition speed ramps. Please check speeding cars,van and trucks both direction not safe for pedestrians...

Near Adamstown park and adamstown avenue

Street Lighting 0

11:41 May 17, 2019

Number 20 street lighting not working on 12 Ballentree Grove,Tyrrelstown Dublin15 -- posted via mobile web

Near Ballentree Grove,Tyrrelstown Dublin15


mess up the road. 1

11:40 May 17, 2019

Small stones on side roads of adamstown park and adamstowm ave not safe for cyclist and pedestrian. Requesting builders the truck sweeper to clean the...

Near Adamstown ave and adamstown park

Footpaths for children during building works 1

11:31 May 17, 2019

Hello, the temporary footpaths put in place by the builders constructing the new distributor road in Donabate are not safe for children coming to and...

Near Donabate

Hedgerows being torn down by builders 2

11:23 May 17, 2019

Hello, the builders working on the new distributor road in Donabate, have torn down a lot of the hedgerows on the New Road. Is this absolutely necessary?...

Near New Road, Donabate

Grass on public football field not being cut 0

10:59 May 17, 2019

Good morning, I would like to report that one of Fingal County Councils public football fields on the New Road in Donabate, which is used by the football...

Near Dun Aoibhinn

Grass Cutting 1

10:40 May 17, 2019

Please cut the over grown grass in the Communiel area in St Finians Ave.It hasn't been cut in a very long time.. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.348597498323,-6.4433977388428

Flashing street light 0

10:10 May 17, 2019

ESB pole number GK 513 is flashing on and off every 10/15 minutes ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at...

Near 51.874933994626,-8.4228598008267