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Litter dumping 0

09:10 Feb 14, 2020

A wooden TV unit dumped behind small wall at entrance to Whiteoaks, Sarsfield Rd, Cork. The small wall has Harley Court and Whiteoaks on it ---- This...

Near 51.874174868728,-8.5054763691213

Litter dump 0

09:10 Feb 14, 2020

A hoover, child's buggy and a broken mirror dumped in Whiteoaks, Sarsfield Rd Location on the left green area (under trees) as you enter the estate...

Near 51.873724442525,-8.506077183934

Litter and Illegal Parking 2

09:02 Feb 14, 2020

Trailers parked on double yellow lines making it dangerous for cars pulling out of the premises here as view is obstructed. Also very dangerous for driving...

Near Crag Avenue, the road inbetween Greyhound and Hammond Steel

No road markings or warning signs 1

08:40 Feb 14, 2020

A long stretch of road was recently resurfaced but now there is no road markings or lines to show the centre line or road edges\margins. There are also...

Near 52.359199078234,-9.8237391515027

Severe pothole around manhole cover 1

08:30 Feb 14, 2020

The tarmac surrounding the round metal manhole cover has disintegrated and now there is a bad pothole formed. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 52.3241393718,-9.7789047851296

Election litter everywhere 0

08:13 Feb 14, 2020

I cant attach the photos from last 2 mins of my walk to Luas Kilmacud this morning. One of the posters is from the last presidential election and several...

Near Drummartin Link Road; Glencairn; eveywhere

Eircom manhole cover broken 1

08:10 Feb 14, 2020

Manhole cover damaged by building work at adjacent property (241 plums rs) and very dangerous, as footpath often blocked by vans parked for building work...

Near 53.280564981545,-6.2247283850269

Street light not working 1

07:46 Feb 14, 2020

The street light at the top of the cul de sac is not working and itÂ’s very dark. -- posted via mobile web

Near 15/17 Tymon Crescent, Old Bawn, Tallaght, Dublin 24


Potholes 0

01:05 Feb 14, 2020

Couple of bad potholes. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.738858,-9.015835

Broken Street light 1

00:55 Feb 14, 2020

Beside 91 Woodlawn park grove Street light has been broken on purpose and is not working . ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.281429916019,-6.3348615965712


Street light not working 1

00:55 Feb 14, 2020

Street light outside 89 Woodlawn park grove not working. 2 street lights on sand road now broken? Vandalism. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.281593410055,-6.334629084829


Trench running across the road not level 1

00:05 Feb 14, 2020

There is a trench running across the Raheny road for utilities or drainage but it is no longer even with the road so trucks crash over it all day and...

Near 53.383458,-6.176021

Deep pothole formed again 0

23:05 Feb 13, 2020

Reported this in December, a lump of tar was put in. Has been eroded again over recent weeks and is now as deep if not worse than originally. Full and...

Near 51.880343,-8.452734

Deep pothole 2

22:58 Feb 13, 2020

Large deep pothole in direct line of driving. Extremely dangerous to motorists -- posted via mobile web

Near Betaghstown Kells Co. Meath

Abandoned car no tax , flat tyre 0

22:50 Feb 13, 2020

Abandoned car BMW 3 series , silver , black soft top. 02-OY Castle villas car park . Taking up one space for shoppers No tax Flat tyre environmental eye...

Near 53.135609985064,-6.0787712347019

Street lights out 2

21:54 Feb 13, 2020

2 street lights out in Bawnlea Green. -- posted via mobile web

Near Bawnlea Green


Multi potholes at Jip Traynors corner 0

21:15 Feb 13, 2020

Please fix multiple potholes on jip Traynors corner. R762 outside Delgany wood avenue. Disgrace has not been tarred in 15 years . No mans lands of bridge...

Near 53.132863523067,-6.0825915124032

Street light not working 0

21:10 Feb 13, 2020

The street light on the first lamppost on the right of way at the indicated location (Shielmartin Road Cul de Sac) is not working ---- This report...

Near 53.372845580821,-6.0932393664242


Potholes on R762 delgany village 0

21:10 Feb 13, 2020

Please fix potholes on r762 coming into Delgany village at the 50kph signs. One catching eight tyre on right side of lane heading in . Also outside the...

Near 53.132493,-6.095198

Abandoned Car - no tax insurance nct 1

21:05 Feb 13, 2020

Car has been abandoned on the main road for several months ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.349374184319,-6.431813452972