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Street light not working 1

19:25 Jan 31, 2019

Street light near 15 The Links Donabate not working -- posted via mobile web

Near Donabate


Roads Dirty 1

19:19 Jan 31, 2019

So much building in our area and roads are constantly mucky and very slippery. Contractors don't seem to be cleaning up after them selves. -- posted via...

Near Donabate

Park full of rubbish 2

18:00 Jan 31, 2019

Only green space in Rialto and it is full of rubbish at the moment. Potentially dangerous if it blew onto Luas tracks. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.337644864314,-6.3003157561246

Speed signs and/or ramps needed 3

17:43 Jan 31, 2019

Can some speed signs and speed ramps be put into Forge Park estate, Oakpark, Tralee? There are many residents and other drivers speeding in this estate...

Near tralee

Street light broken 1

17:20 Jan 31, 2019

Light No 5 on the New Road is broken and the clear cover has fallen onto the pavement ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 51.482619466903,-9.3709251223411


Rubbish dumped 1

17:00 Jan 31, 2019

Another bag of rubbish dumped in An Sean Bhaile estate, at the wall near the blue dogs statue. Recurring problem. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.288992326501,-8.9850113652754

Potholes a health and Safety Hazard 0

16:25 Jan 31, 2019

Potholes on all roads, Especially the road leading North towards the lighthouse on Clare Island is at a stage now where it is completely unsafe to use...

Near Capnagower, Clare Island

Very bright signage 0

16:25 Jan 31, 2019

This sign (A1) on the street coming into Edenderry from Carbury oppossite Aldi is really, really bright at night and very distracting to motorists. It...

Near 53.344134638808,-7.0434506666235


Street lights 1

16:00 Jan 31, 2019

Lights on road not working for 2 months -- posted via mobile web

Near Sundrive road rush K56PK37


Illegal Dumping 2

15:28 Jan 31, 2019

illegal dumping in Woodford, Wheaton Hall, Drogheda. -- posted via

Near Carpark area

Dumping 1

15:20 Jan 31, 2019

Multiple large refuse sacks (possibly containing textiles?) left beside bottle and clothing banks in Beach Carpark, Balcarrick, between 0900 and 1400...

Near 53.479107,-6.116518

Dead cat on road 1

15:19 Jan 31, 2019

Hello, there is a dead cat on Grangeview Road just across from the turn into Grangeview Green. Black and white, has been there for a couple of weeks now....

Near clondalkin

Public Telephone kiosks.. 1

14:45 Jan 31, 2019

Kiosks need to be removed as they are of no use and are being used for anti social are being stashed..they are used as toilets..and...

Near 53.340851678633,-6.2273975496786

Street light always on 1

14:40 Jan 31, 2019

Street light No. 53 has been on during the day yesterday and today ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at...

Near 52.137464,-8.646292


Hole in road outside 3 Grove Park, Mill Street, Westport 0

14:25 Jan 31, 2019

I would like to report that there is a hole/uneven surface on the road outside house at 3 Grove Park, Mill Street, Westport. Uses a rolls for walking...

Near Grove Park, Mill Street, Westport (near 3 Grove Park)

No lighting at Beechview Laneway 1

14:22 Jan 31, 2019

I would like for you to possibly investigate installing a street light at the barriers at the bottom of the lane-way between Beechview and Edwards Court...

Near Beechview, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham


Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

13:50 Jan 31, 2019

Black bags beside river. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Trees 1

13:26 Jan 31, 2019

Hi can The Council please trim back the trees in our Estate as they cause an obstruction during the Summer. Can branches be cut up further up the trees...

Near Parkwood Estate Tallaght

Street Light not working 1

13:24 Jan 31, 2019

Street light broken. 89 year old with carers, needing visits 3 times daily. Street light makes it very difficult for them to see. If this could be promptly...

Near D05 X3N3


Parking 1

13:20 Jan 31, 2019

To whom it may concern I am a resident of brides glen park in Swords there is a small green space in front of our houses that children play on . There...

Near Brides glen park Swords