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Bad Potholes Chapel, Redcross, Co Wicklow 1

19:27 Sep 14, 2020

Deep potholes in Chapel townland, in the road between Oughil and Kilpatrick townlands. Photo can be provided. Please respond. Thank you,...

Near Chapel, Redcross, Co Wicklow

Nuisance tree 0

19:12 Sep 14, 2020

Falling crab apples from tree in orwell park green estate causing slipping and huge safety concern. -- posted via

Near Orwe

Dangerous Trees 0

19:00 Sep 14, 2020

There are tree's between Castlelyons estate and Castlechurch estate that are hanging dangerously low, and children and climbing in them as a result. They...

Near Boundary wall between Castlelyons Estate and Castlechurch Estate

Dumping of rubbish and bonfire stockpiling 0

18:44 Sep 14, 2020

Council cleaned the area on Friday and by Monday morning there was more rubbish there. Mattress, furniture, wood, dog kennel and broken toys. Behind the...

Near Lock view Rd. Green behind Deansrath Lawn and Grove

Bin Full 1

18:25 Sep 14, 2020

Can the bin at bus stop 6361 be emptied? ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 53.405841770135,-6.2917685254074

Button is not triggering the pedestrian traffic lights 1

18:25 Sep 14, 2020

Push button for the pedestrian traffic lights not working. Lights not changing. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...

Near 53.410502336494,-6.4411032697531

Pavement Defect 0

18:22 Sep 14, 2020

The pavement outside house # 8 Marlfield(Gardens) off Johnstown Road, Cabinteely has been lifted by the roots of the tree in the adjoining grass verge....

Near Outside number 8 Marlfield Gardens, Cabinteely, D18

Open space rear of 275-288 Glenview Park, Tallaght. My address 279 Glenview Park. 0

18:16 Sep 14, 2020

Some time ago I asked SDCC to remove the 3 trees at the rear of my house as I believed they were a danger to our house and family. The SDCC did eventually...

Near 279 Glenview Park

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

17:34 Sep 14, 2020

Massive amount of cans disposed of in the woods, please clean up. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the

Near N/A

Boundary walls 1

17:25 Sep 14, 2020

A house in Ellensborough Park, #53. Has only gone and painted a boundary wall on the side of their garden. It's not in keeping with all the boundary...

Near Ellensborough park


Road facilities need attention 0

16:57 Sep 14, 2020

Trees on road need to be trimmed as they are blocking street lighting, blocking light going into homes. Pedestrians have to bend down while walking on...

Near Outfield Lawn, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

Driver Feedback Signs 0

16:45 Sep 14, 2020

The DFS on the R198 on the longford road out of Arva is not working ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at...

Near 53.924529936653,-7.5864444204552

Grafitti/Vandalism 0

16:10 Sep 14, 2020

Large red grafitti writing has been written on the pathway in the park. Symbols have also been written onto a number of the trees in this approximate...

Near 53.401944520417,-6.429738188216


Pathway blocked 1

16:05 Sep 14, 2020

Wardrobe blocking pathway at 31 park street west Ballyfermot Dublin city council removed a number of items of furniture from the path today but left this...

Near 53.343608867637,-6.3296851103664

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

16:04 Sep 14, 2020

Beer cans thrown around the grass and path after what must have been drinking gathering here on the path between mervue united grounds and the new running...

Near N/A

Tree 0

15:25 Sep 14, 2020

Hello, Large branch from the tree outside 150 has broken off of it's own accord, appears to be rotton? Thank you ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.329826,-6.402238

Street Light out 1

15:15 Sep 14, 2020

Hi The street light on Pole No 4 Ballynally lanes is out. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 55.207434964341,-7.0384387558622


Green has become overgrown 1

15:10 Sep 14, 2020

The green on Blackheath Court has not been cut at all this year. Not once in 2020. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...

Near 53.366527330939,-6.1970520071865

Over hanging tree, sight of rats 0

15:02 Sep 14, 2020

Eucalyptus tree overhanging garden of Limekiln Manor. Branch debris and fear of more come the winter storms. Also have seen rats up it and leaving bones...

Near Temple manor avenue, Dublin 12

Regular Dumping of Rubbish Bags 0

14:58 Sep 14, 2020

On a regular basis a local resident or business leaves rubbish bags for collection at the corner of Lindsay Road and Prospect Road in Glasnevin. These...

Near Junction of Lindsay Road and Prospect Road