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Abandoned car 0

11:05 Feb 06, 2019

Car abandoned for almost a year, no tax, insurance or NCT . ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.797482112597,-9.5247897423517

Pothole 3

10:28 Feb 06, 2019

There is a bad pothole after developing in Freshford where irish water have been digging and are choosing to ignore. It is just before the temporary traffic...

Near Freshford Kilkenny

litter 1

10:26 Feb 06, 2019

cycle lanes from monastery rd clondalkin through red cow Luas over bridge to red cow hotel. broken glass .. litter from pedestrians using red cow hotel...

Near clondalkin Luas cycle lanes

Loose paving 1

10:25 Feb 06, 2019

Loose paving at the entrance to Augustinian Lane off Thomas St. Trip hazard ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...

Near 52.662789,-8.626761

Street light not working 2

10:12 Feb 06, 2019

The street light outside 88 Castleknock Way is not working. The cul de sac is in complete darkness at night . Please repair asap -- posted via

Near 88 castleknock way


Very important road to be fixed 2

10:06 Feb 06, 2019

It's a small road path but leading to very important centres. People come throughout the week for many activities. It has big holes which are really painful...

Near Warrenstown house, Blanchardstown road North, Corduff, Dublin 15

Bags of clothes dumped Greentrees Park D12 1

09:50 Feb 06, 2019

Bags of clothes just dumped outside our back gate. -- posted via mobile web

Near 1 Greentrees Park, Whitehall Road west, Dublin 12

Black bags dumped 6 days ago I reported 5 days ago 2

09:50 Feb 06, 2019

There are 15 bags of household waste dumped at the entrance to bride close and just on bride Street. These bags have been lying on the street since Friday....

Near 53.341084499142,-6.2698646580051

Sinking street 0

09:50 Feb 06, 2019

At the first entrance to the train station car park, on the right hand side of the road. Road works was done in the last 2 weeks or so around a drain...

Near 51.902287302488,-8.4590391263164

Road in Disrepair 2

09:43 Feb 06, 2019

Hi There is a Junction on the N84, link below, that is need of Major repairs, there is massive potholes on the junction.,-9.0284796/53.4158966,-9.0254111/@53.4139506,-9.0244644,1268m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m4!4m3!1m1!4e1!1m0...

Near galway

Broken footpath 0

09:38 Feb 06, 2019

There is a large portion of the edge of the footpath badly broken at Chapel St., Kiltimagh. Its just past the old Gilmartin Store as you head towards...

Near Chapel St. Kiltimagh Co. Mayo

Ongoing littering 2

09:06 Feb 06, 2019

Ongoing litter problems outside businesses and on green area in cul de sac. -- posted via mobile web

Near Cypress Park Templeogue

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

08:50 Feb 06, 2019

There is a bin - guessing not a legit one - outside a house with black bags. This has been building up over the week.. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone...

Near N/A

Street Light Number 16 not working for 2 -3 weeks 1

08:42 Feb 06, 2019

Street Light Number 16 not working for 2 -3 weeks. It is on the lane way joining Butterfield Avenue and Fairways, half way down Fairways, Dublin 14...

Near Lane way joining Butterfield Avenue and Fairways, half way down Fairways


Pothole on Summer Hill dunboyne road 2

08:26 Feb 06, 2019

Deep pothole just outside Summer Hill on dunboyne road. On the straight stretch before crossroads at moynalvey school. -- posted via

Near Summer Hill dunboyne road. Near moynaley school

Broken lights 1

04:50 Feb 06, 2019

Lights have been out for months. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.270780367861,-9.0997882752732


Street light not working 1

00:37 Feb 06, 2019

-- posted via mobile web

Near Pineview Drive, AYLESBURY, Tallaght, Dublin 24


Rubbish 1

23:50 Feb 05, 2019

Lots of litter on road side. -- posted via

Near Inis Oirr

Street light not working. 1

23:12 Feb 05, 2019

Street light not working outside number 6 Huntstown Grove. Possibly lamp number 1 -- posted via mobile web

Near Huntstown Grove


Dangerous hole in Road and footpath 2

22:45 Feb 05, 2019

There is a hole in the road and a huge dangerous hole in the footpath outside no. 149 Bettyglen. This is a hazard to pedestrians. There is a wheelchair...

Near 53.377302,-6.162209