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Litter dumping 2

09:21 Feb 07, 2019

Back of haunting site scholastown, full of rubbish, visable from M50. -- posted via mobile web

Near Stocking lane, Dublin 16.

Street Light Not Working 1

09:10 Feb 07, 2019

Street light number 7 not working for over a week. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.286953944644,-6.7591021606289


Damaged Road Surface 2

09:05 Feb 07, 2019

Heavily used access laneway to Howth road, adj. Garda Station. Concrete surface crumbling, potholed along one section, needs to be repaired. ----...

Near 53.365836712093,-6.2200152714611

Yellow box @ entrance to Old Greenfield, Maynooth 3

08:26 Feb 07, 2019

Hi, When the new cycle paths were put in along the Straffan Road in Maynooth, the road was resurfaced also. The full yellow box that was at the junction...

Near Junction of Straffan Road and Old Greenfield Maynooth

Illegal dumping 0

08:16 Feb 07, 2019

Houshold Rubbish dumped at side of the road . Meelick -- posted via mobile web

Near Meelick Brennans cross and Lower Meelick before railway bridge

Missing Manhole Cover 3

07:59 Feb 07, 2019

Hi, thereÂ’s a missing manhole cover on the footpath, at the corner of Limekiln Road & Limekiln Park. ItÂ’s one of the large, rectangular concrete covers...

Near On the footpath at the corner of Limekiln Road and Limekiln Park, Dublin 12.

Lighting. Not working 2

07:55 Feb 07, 2019

Lampost No 24. Pearse Park. Drogheda ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.721417407327,-6.3452881630681


Broken street light 2

07:50 Feb 07, 2019

The street light outside Laytown Church is broken, and creates a very dark area. This is at a bus stop and creates a hazard. ---- This report was...

Near 53.680610172188,-6.2374876646957


Leak/flooded road 3

07:45 Feb 07, 2019

Lane away from the Finglas Road is flooded ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 53.37820082466,-6.2848329178098

Road Condition 2

00:38 Feb 07, 2019

When you drive out the back entrance of Shannon free zone across the cattle grid, you are faced with lots of potholes and when you get to the roundabout...

Near Ballymurtagh, Shannon, Co.Clare

Water leak 0

22:25 Feb 06, 2019

Seems to be a water leak across the road from Glasnevin Cemetery entrance. Close to the ESB eCars charging point. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.369133867168,-6.2764277459484

Dangerous street sign 1

22:10 Feb 06, 2019

Street sign indicating ramps ahead has become partially detached and is leaning to one side. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.300591004295,-6.3265170071865

Street light not working 1

21:26 Feb 06, 2019

A street light on the promenade alongside Malahide Marina is out of order since 2018. The area is dark and potentially dangerous. A woman was mugged at...

Near Malahide


Street light 2

21:03 Feb 06, 2019

Street light not working at the end of bawnville park -- posted via mobile web

Near Bawnville park


dangerous footpath lip 2

20:49 Feb 06, 2019

Iwish to report a very dangerous footpath lip on footpath leading from Rossmore Road to Faughs GAA Club on the Rossmore side. I also wish to query why...

Near 12 Rossmore Park

Street Light Broken (Pole No. 32 Westhaven, Dublin 15) 1

20:38 Feb 06, 2019

Street Light (Pole Number 32 - see picture attached) in Westhaven, Huntstown, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 has been broken for a number of weeks. I reported this...

Near westhaven, huntstown, clonsilla, dublin


Flickering Street Light 0

20:19 Feb 06, 2019

The street light at the junction of Knockcullen Drive and Knockcullen Park (O/s 20 Knockcullen Park) is flickering - the bulb needs to be replaced. From...

Near Knockcullen Drive


Rise in path 1

20:05 Feb 06, 2019

Path outside number 6 and 8 Meadow View Grove has risen at one of the joins. Probably due to tree roots. Couple of people have tripped on it. ----...

Near 53.348941648867,-6.4581108134882

Reoccurring floods narrow road and potholes. 2

18:43 Feb 06, 2019

Reoccurring floods near Knockcorrando on the R339 between 53.387725,-8.683618 and 53.388001,-8.668895. Drivers are avoiding these floods and steering...

Near 53.393175,-8.659436

Light Out 1

18:25 Feb 06, 2019

The Light outside number 3 and 4 Forest Ridge, Doughcloyne is not working ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...

Near 51.870361,-8.502914