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Litter/damaged sign 2

13:12 Jan 04, 2019

Litter never picked up in public area surrounding Centra Shop in estate. Shop sign in total dis repair at enterence to estate. -- posted via

Near Roseberry Hill, Newbridge

Litter 1

13:02 Jan 04, 2019

Litter in the public area surrounding the shops in Roseberry Hill. Centra shop Sign at enterence to Roseberry Hill estate in disrepair. -- posted via...

Near Newbridge

Litter 1

13:00 Jan 04, 2019

Litter in grass verge between Castleknock Vale and Kavanaghs pub ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...

Near 53.377811995697,-6.3760033100887

Road Sweeping 1

13:00 Jan 04, 2019

Road sweeping is needed after autumn leaf fall near junction of Castleknock Vale and Laurel Lodge road ---- This report was originally submitted at...

Near 53.378132001195,-6.3761964291378

Abandoned car 1

12:49 Jan 04, 2019

Car abandoned on Donnycarney road for over 2yrs. Merc C220. -- posted via mobile web

Near Donnycarney road Beside Belton Park villas

Illegal dumping on Tubber Lane 3

12:41 Jan 04, 2019

Lots of illegal dumping on Tuber lane. Furniture and some domestic rubbish dumped at least 4 points along the lane. -- posted via

Near Tubber Lane, Lucan

Rubbish 3

12:35 Jan 04, 2019

The amount of rubbish thrown, papers furniture on both sides of the n81 is disgraceful some people have no respect the rubbish is now surrounded by rats...

Near 53.257838282758,-6.4484034213378

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

12:20 Jan 04, 2019

These are some photos of the rubbish around Bus Stop 4303 on the Greystones Road in Bray. It doesn’t capture all the dirt and rubbish in this spot...

Near N/A

Lights out 0

12:00 Jan 04, 2019

Light number 6 and 7 and loads more are out, i reported these lights before and never fixed,(early december) now nearly every light in that area not working...

Near 52.398247,-6.951122


Pothole 1

11:45 Jan 04, 2019

Large Pothole needs to be fixed. Could cause serious damage to vehicle ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...

Near 52.35996290022,-7.6836701850964

Pot Holes - Furbo local access road 1

11:43 Jan 04, 2019

The road between Ballinahown, Furbo and Barna Golf Club is in a terrible state in certain patches. In some parts the road is totally bare and uneven,...

Near Ballinahown, Furbo

Pedestrian light broken junction scholarstown road and stocking lane 3

11:41 Jan 04, 2019

Pedestrian lights do not work at above junction. I waited through 3 full cycles and pedantry an lights did not come on today 04.01.19 and also on 01.01.19....

Near Scholarstown Road junction with Stocking Lane

Snail water leak 2

11:23 Jan 04, 2019

Very small water leak coming out from pavement outside my house - no 86 Ballinclea heights, Killiney. Nothing much, but could develop. -- posted via...

Near 86 Ballinclea heights, Killiney

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

11:20 Jan 04, 2019

remains of camp up by lead mines. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Dumped rubbish 1

11:17 Jan 04, 2019

Dumped rubbish along the Castleland Land Road and areas towards the schools and around the roundabout and all the way along were the new houses at the...

Near Castleland Road, Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Potholes 1

11:12 Jan 04, 2019

Multiple large potholes between 0.6m and 1.2m in width and 0.3m deep on the stretch of road between Kilmacsimon and Innishannon. Many of the potholes...

Near Kilmacsimon - Innishannon

Street Light not working Ashfield Park No 6 light 3

10:51 Jan 04, 2019

Ashfield Park Street Light No 6 is not working the past few weeks. Please can you fix it asap. Kind Regards -- posted via mobile...

Near 4 Ashfield Park


Traffic Management issues at St Laurences Road/Lucan Road junction 0

10:40 Jan 04, 2019

The first issue is that the stop line at the lights for traffic crossing over the bridge from the Lucan Road towards the Phoenix Park is too close to...

Near 53.346904,-6.348877

Fly tipping 3

10:25 Jan 04, 2019

Excessive levels of dumping since Christmas Day all along the N81 and into Tallaght and Blessington this is a route used by commuters, cyclists and tourists...

Near 53.256376018491,-6.4482301526841

Street lights not working 1

10:22 Jan 04, 2019

I'm just wondering about the street lights in the lane adjacent to the cemetery - Chapel St. & Harry Reynolds Rd. They are not working morning or night....

Near Balbriggan