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black bags dumped Ballina 2

01:58 Jun 12, 2014

Black bags gathering beside wheelie bins in lane at lower Pearse St and in lane at Garden St. Thought refuse had to be placed in bins or in pre paid bags?Also...

Pearse St., Ballin, Ireland

bin dumped 1

01:01 Jun 12, 2014

Brown bin dumped on St Cuthberts road Clondalkin. Its there over a week now

St Cuthberts road, Clondalkin

Litter 3

00:30 Jun 12, 2014

The ballyfermot road from the gala bingo hall to molloys off licence is filthy rubbish never swept. The council staff swept rubbish off the path onto...


Rubbish dumped 3

00:20 Jun 12, 2014

The walkway to the side of no.1 cherry orchard drive is full of rubbish, this walkway is rarely cleaned by council and its left to community groups to...


Glass on walkway 3

00:20 Jun 12, 2014

The walkway from croftwood park to the bus stop on cherry orchard avenue is covered with broken glass, children and dogs have been reported to have been...


Broken road sign 2

00:20 Jun 12, 2014

The road sign at the entrance to croftwood grove croftwood drive has been broken, its lying on a grass verge, its to the left of the round a bout as you...


Grass cutting 1

00:15 Jun 12, 2014

Grass has not been cut ,health hazard ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Street light faulty 1

00:10 Jun 12, 2014

Street light no 2 on Verschoyle green /Verschoyle rise is not working . ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...



Tree very large, low, full and blocking light to house 1

22:57 Jun 11, 2014

The tree outside our house has grown extremely large, the branches are very low and full and the tree is blockng the light into our house. Also fear...

3 Turvey Crescent, Donabate, Co. Dublin.

Grass verge 1

22:25 Jun 11, 2014

Grass verges not cut

Castlewood dublin 15

Illegall dumping at griffeen glen a venue/wood 2

22:14 Jun 11, 2014

After a previous report Sdcc cleaned up the area on Tuesday . However I spotted a man dumping more bags. This area is used by the estate one day each...

Griffeen road

Green Area 1

21:50 Jun 11, 2014

Every year there is problem with the grass cutting or lack of it. this is the 3rd time to report this time the grass gets cut on the edge of green and...


Roundabout 1

21:45 Jun 11, 2014

For want of better discription the is a pizza roundabout on this junction. there was orange bollards put on this recently which are cheap and make they...


illegal dumping grangeview 2

21:38 Jun 11, 2014

rubbish and a printer dumped and left since the weekend on the bend at grangeview road. this is happening constantly.

grangeview road clondalkin

Trees 2

20:15 Jun 11, 2014

Variegated trees reverting to plain green leaves. New growth of branches is excessive ---- This report was originally submitted at You...


Dead tree 3

20:05 Jun 11, 2014

Tree outside no.s 19 & 20 seems dead - no leaves, no buds. Tree outside no.s 17 & 18 has dead branch. ?? disease ?? tree needs to be cut down and replaced...


Dog Fouling 1

19:05 Jun 11, 2014

Persistent Dog fouling on this stretch of path from the school down towards the park, on the school side. Disgusting for kids and their parents coming...


Overhanging shrubs & dog fouling 1

18:50 Jun 11, 2014

Overhanging shrubs/bushes on Oldcourt Road, making path very very narrow when walking with kids and buggy. Dog fouling persistent on this stretch also....


Graffiti on white wall & also at rear of The Park Community Centre 2

18:45 Jun 11, 2014

There is graffiti on a wall in the park where marked. This was previously cleaned before the arrival of The President to the local school a few years...