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Grass Cutting along fonthill road near train station 3

17:52 Jul 10, 2012

This area is badly maintained by parks weeds growing up all along barrier of road also roundabouts badly maintained terrible entrance to train station

Fonthill Road clondalkin dublin 22

Missing Railing 1

17:45 Jul 10, 2012

Dunawley Avenue missing railing along park .one section please fix.

Dunawley Avenue railing on left side of road

Tree in Entrance Willbrook Lawn pushing into wall. 2

16:57 Jul 10, 2012

At the entrance to Willbrook Lawn , Rathfarnham there is a green area to the left and right sides. On the Left hand side where the Green area ends and...

Willbrook Lawn , Rathfarnham

Graffiti 2

15:40 Jul 10, 2012

Gable wall of no 2 Tamarisk View, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24

2 Tamarisk View


Abandoned Bin 2

14:06 Jul 10, 2012

Entrance to Corcagh Park, Cherrywood Crescent /Cherrywood Lawn

cherrywood crescent

Light out of order 1

12:24 Jul 10, 2012

I wish to report a broken street light in Knockfield Manor Knocklyon. It is number 11 on the right hand side after the third bend as you come...

knockfield manor dublin


weeds 1

11:27 Jul 10, 2012

can weedkiller be sprayed in dodder valley park old bawn rd d 24 behind park stone wall on old bawn rd weeds wild also under steel barriers at traffice...

tallaght dublin

Abandoned Bins 3

10:51 Jul 10, 2012

There are abandoned bins on Belfry Crescent along the side of one wall of our house, not sure who they belong to. Have spoken to Greyhound which is...

Belfry Crescent

Littering at Grange Rd 2

10:44 Jul 10, 2012

Litter at all three busy bus stops on grange road.

Littering at Grange Rd

Littering at Grange Rd 2

10:44 Jul 10, 2012

Filthy bus stop. No litter bin. Some items are here more than a week or so.

Littering at Grange Rd

Tree cutting at Fforster Close, Lucan 2

10:01 Jul 10, 2012

Trees overhanging footpath so much that you have to walk in the road - hence dangerous situation

As per map above: Fforster Close, Lucan

Street light not working 1

23:15 Jul 09, 2012

Street light outside 3 Stonepark Abbey (off the Grange Road) is not working



Shore still flooding - Rowlagh Green, Clondalkin 1

22:22 Jul 09, 2012

Council workers have done work to shore which was always flooding with heavy rain, however the problem persists. Please see pics from 1hour rain today...

18rowlagh green clondalkin dub 22

Grass at Ballycullen, Dublin 24 2

22:08 Jul 09, 2012

The grass on Beechdale Place and Daletree Road has not been cut for a number of weeks and is now over 3 ft high in places.

Ballycullen, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Damaged/Up rooted road sign 2

21:50 Jul 09, 2012

The road sign at the junction of Beverly Drive and Beverly Ave has been half uprooted and is now at a 45 degree angle

Junction of Beverly Drive and Beverly Ave

Illegal Avdertising on lamp post Dublin 8 0

19:14 Jul 09, 2012

Hello, in Dublin 8, on Cork street just passed the Lidl shop, a big sign advertising for a Tanning Salon " The Tannery" nearby is set up every day....

Dublin 8, cork street, near Lidl shop

Potholes 1

15:33 Jul 09, 2012

Potholes, bad surface at 20 Old Finglas Rd, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 I wish to report that the cul de sac outside the above address is in a bad state of repair...

20 Old Finglas Road Dublin

Grass cutting and graffiti 9

15:24 Jul 09, 2012

I would like to report patches of very overgrown grass all the way up Maplewood Road which is a very busy road for cars so I would have thought the council...

Maplewood road Dublin

Footpath repair 2

15:17 Jul 09, 2012

The path outside No. 15 st. Patricks Rd. Clondalkin. D 22 is in a dangerous condition for a number of years several people have fallen at this spot it...

15 Saint Patricks Road Clondalkin

Potholes 2

15:07 Jul 09, 2012

I would like to report several potholes within the estate of Glenvara Park (top entrance) close to No. 92 and the T-Junction near No. 92 which is causing...

Glenvara Park Dublin