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Sunken dent across road on Castleknock Rise 2

12:58 Apr 09, 2013

On Castleknock Rise, close to the junction with Castleknock Downs, in a sunken dent across about 2/3 of the road, perpendicular to the direction of travel....

Castleknock Rise, Fingal

Litter Problem: Litter Bin Removed? 1

12:44 Apr 09, 2013

The Litter Bin provided at the Playground in Blackthorn Hills was removed? Littering is now a problem in this area as no bin is provided and no one is...


Pot holes on Castleknock Grange 2

12:33 Apr 09, 2013

There are two potholes on Castleknock Grange and a broken surface around a drain on Castleknock Rise. Photo 1 shows a pothole on Castleknock Grange at...

Castleknock Grange, Laurel Lodge, Castleknock

Road or pavement defect at Rathmines Road Lower 1

12:31 Apr 09, 2013

Loose & protruding flagstones 159 lower Rathmines rd

Road or pavement defect at Rathmines Road Lower

Dangerous Potholes - road trecherous 3

12:31 Apr 09, 2013

Road is extremely bad, more that 10 potholes over a range of 10 metres, you are unable to avoid them due the narrowness of the road, larger pot holes...

Old Dungarvan Road, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Road too narrow 2

12:31 Apr 09, 2013

From Naul road to Chapel street in Balbriggan the traffic is a nightmare on the mornings,mainly after the cementery to the schools. I would suggest to...

74 Naul Road, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Dumped rubbish at Market Square 2

12:31 Apr 09, 2013

Dumped rubbish increasing by the week

Dumped rubbish at Market Square

cash for cars signs 3

12:12 Apr 09, 2013

these signs are appearing all over the place. I have seen them now on actual direction sign at junction of old bridge road and butterfield avenue and...



Capel st 1

11:21 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via Black bag left at the river end of the street

Capel st.jpg

Castle st d2 on the corner 1

11:19 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via blackbag left beside bin

Castle st d2 on the corner.jpg

New st D8 1 1

11:16 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via THese bags have been here for over a week now

New st D8 1.jpg

Bride st D2 1

11:14 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via Black bags dumped on the corner

Bride st D2.jpg

End of Connolly Ave by the Canal at Inchicore. 1

11:12 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via Bulky waste (mattress etc) and loads of bags

End of Connolly Ave by the Canal at Inchicore..JPG

New st d8 1

11:06 Apr 09, 2013

See photo. Via dumped & burst open

New st d8.jpg

Broken glass 2

09:33 Apr 09, 2013

There is a lot of broken glass in Sarsfields Park on the steps between the two schools that needs to be removed before a school child falls on it. Thank...

Sarsfields Park

Damaged road surface 5

09:19 Apr 09, 2013

This junction (Well Road / Skryne Road) junction at the light has had holes filled, they are completely uneven and badly finished. They need to be dug...


Graffiti clybaun road upper Galway. 1

08:38 Apr 09, 2013

graffiti on upper clybaun road all along right hand walk way. Very poor upkeep of the public area. There for a very long time and never rectified. For...



Uncut grass and overgrown shrubery 2

22:37 Apr 08, 2013

at St. Colmcilles Way. Knocklyon Dublin 16

St Colmcilles Way

Cycle lanes on N4 2

22:30 Apr 08, 2013

Would it be possible to have the grass which is beginning to encroach onto the cycle lanes on both sides of the N4 cut back. The available cycling space...