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Overgrown bushes & trees along Nangor Road Business Park 3

09:30 Sep 04, 2012

Please trim overgrown trees and bushes along Nangor Road Business Park, it is a great hiding spot for intruders breaking into premises in the park. Over...

Nangor Road Business Park

Templeroan Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16 2

20:27 Sep 03, 2012

Trees on both sides of Templeroan Road are hanging totally over the footpaths, so much so that one has to bend down to avoid the overhang on much of the...

Templeroan Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

well done 2

19:59 Sep 03, 2012

Now that the illegal signs have been removed and the hoarding painted, it would be great if the hole in the gate was closed to keep out children from...

naas road and belgard road

illegal erection distracting drivers 0

19:38 Sep 03, 2012

Recently put in place and is dangerous distraction to drivers at busy intersection

calmount road @m50

Tar and chipping around New Inn 3

19:36 Sep 03, 2012

Roads have been tared and chipped around New Inn and yes there are signs put out telling people to do 35kmh but they dont Who pays for the damage done...

New Inn

illegal advertising sign distracting drivers 3

19:36 Sep 03, 2012

This sign is a dangerous distraction

calmount road at m50

overgroan pathway 3

16:52 Sep 03, 2012

Can the overgroan bushes on the public path between the fithzgerald hotel and the junction at newlands cross be trimed please

newlands cross

Litter and Illegal Dumping 2

15:23 Sep 03, 2012

Someone has dumped rubbish bags at green area between 12 Bolbrook Grove and 13 Bolbrook Grove. Could they please be removed as they are unsightly and...

Bolbrook Grove, Tallaght Dublin 24

Street lights not working 1

14:20 Sep 03, 2012

Street lights not working

Swords Rd


Sewage flowing on street. Saggart (sdcc) 1

13:11 Sep 03, 2012

Hi, there is sewage flowing up through a manhole at the rear of Jacobs pub in Saggart. Mill Lane near the bookmaker shop and forge guesthouse. Can you...

Saggart Village

Potholes 2

12:05 Sep 03, 2012

There is a group of potholes on the road.

Carnakelly north

Uneven surface 1

12:04 Sep 03, 2012

There is a bump in the road which people have to drive around, it is dangerous when you meet oncoming traffic.


Broken glass in car park 1

11:57 Sep 03, 2012

The parking area, across from the train station & church, has broken glass near the back, which is stopping people from parking there. It would take 5...


Graffitti 0

11:43 Sep 03, 2012

I would like to report graffiti on an electrical box on Errigal Road in Drimnagh, Dublin 12. It has been there for a long time and im sure it is an awful...

Errigal Road, Drimnagh


Graffiti on esb substation. 0

10:33 Sep 03, 2012

Hi. Any chance you could report Graffiti on sub station at junction of Captains Road, and Armagh Road. it needs to be removed. It has been there for over...

Corner of Captains Road and Armagh Road Crumlin.


Balgaddy roundabout Tree too tall 1

09:52 Sep 03, 2012

the Tree in the planting of the roundabout is too tall; it causes an obstruction to the view of the road for pedesterians as they cross there.

roundabout at Divine Mercy Church

Grass weed cutting Kiltipper Dodder Valley walk 2

09:51 Sep 03, 2012

The walk way from Kiltipper Dodder Valley park has not been cut maintained at all this summer as a result it is completely over grown.This area is used...

kiltipper dodder valley park

balgaddy roundabout Tree too tall for roundabout! 1

09:46 Sep 03, 2012

the Tree in the planting at Balgaddy roundabout is hampering the view of the road for pedesterians as they cross. Dangerous for them and the traffic.

Balgsddy lucan co Dublin

Cut and dumping in Laneway 2

01:13 Sep 03, 2012

On Mountvenus rd there is a small lane which connects Mount Venus road with Stocking lane it has been completely blocked by neighbours dumping their...

Mount venus road Rathfarham

pot holes 1

21:31 Sep 02, 2012

pot holes on the curragh road near renvyle castle.

curragh renvyle connemara