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Water leak 3

23:45 Jul 03, 2014

A stopcock on the road ( about 5M from traffic lights) has been leaking for the last few days. It's a bout 10M from a leak that was fixed a few days ago....


Litter 0

22:42 Jul 03, 2014

Football pitches in Ridgewood swords, full of rubbish - the same rubbish for the last month!!

Ridgewood, Swords

Street Sign faults 1

21:19 Jul 03, 2014

The street sign into Cherrywood Crescent Clondalkin from the New Nangor road needs replacing. There are also various broken posts+signs along the crescent,...

cherrywood crescent clondalkin

Dominic St, D7. Reported from to 2

17:57 Jul 03, 2014

See photo. Dumping INSIDE the road works fences. Did they throw it over the fence after dark?

Dominic St, D7.JPG

Tir na nog Park 1

17:40 Jul 03, 2014

Walking through Tir na nog Park today. Noticed lots of areas not being cut around edge of park and trees. Under the benches the grass is very long too...


Lane Corcoran Tce Ballina 1

16:15 Jul 03, 2014

This message is for .Mayo CoCo Ballina area.Here is the exact location of offences which you have requested.At one end of lane near entrance to Orchard...

Ballina Co mayo


paving sinking and appears to be housing rodents 3

16:04 Jul 03, 2014

#fysie dangan avenue d 12 paving sinking and appears to be housing rodents. Of the worse kind. Rats ..

dangan avenue, dublin 12

Mound of tarmac left after fixing burst main 2

16:02 Jul 03, 2014

#fysie shelton gardens d 12. Mound of tarmac left after fixing burst main

shelton gardens, dublin 12

Cutting of grass 2

15:34 Jul 03, 2014

The grass in jobstown park has not been cut right for some time the local teams can not use the park for training or ssg.when the grass is cut the large...

jobstown park

Grass area Corrybeg beside Templeogue Bridge 2

15:28 Jul 03, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to bring to your attention that the grass area at the end of the cul-de-sac Corrybeg beside Templeogue Bridge has not been cut...


Dip in Road 2

14:41 Jul 03, 2014

There is a dip in a part of the road on the Harpurs Lane (just off the mountmellick road) situation outside yellow house with railing and it is very dangerous...

harpurs lane, portlaoise, laois

Park Maintenance 1

14:32 Jul 03, 2014

Could the weeds and overgrown bushes be cleared in Tir na nOg park please - nettles and weeds are growing extensively and rubbish is caught up around...


Graffiti on Templeogue Bridge 2

14:13 Jul 03, 2014

Graffiti on Templeogue Bridge in Red and on the walls of houses on Templeville Drive and the utilities

Templeogue, dublin


Seating missing planks 1

13:53 Jul 03, 2014

Seating missing planks - seating next to carpark directly opposite Bailey Point

Prom, Galway City

Illegal Truck Parking & Dumping in Airside Industrial Estate 0

12:31 Jul 03, 2014

Every night articulated trucks are illegally parking at the end of this estate nearest to Turnapin Lane, and staying the night, often with refrigerated...

airside industrial estate

Cigarette butts/ Cans/ Papers 3

12:08 Jul 03, 2014

Staff from Linked In are smoking literally every second of the day and disposing of their cigarettes on the ground. If you had a litter warden down here...

Wilton Place Dublin 2


11:46 Jul 03, 2014

I had an experience on this road in September 2013, which fightened me an awful lot and i now realise how dangerous it is, please deal with it as a high...

ballina, co. mayo