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Tree (dangerous) at Foxborough 2

19:10 Jul 21, 2013

Thorns sticking out on pathway at foxborough gardens will hurt someone they need to be cut back.

Tree (dangerous) at Foxborough

Road or pavement defect at Yellow Road 1

19:10 Jul 21, 2013

There are rats coming from this cracked road at the sewer mains health and safety risk outside 42 yellow road...there are a couple of cracks at this site

Road or pavement defect at Yellow Road

Litter in Hermitage Park Lucan 2

19:09 Jul 21, 2013

Hermitage Park in Lucan and Ballyowen Lane at the junction with the N4 is very badly littered and has been this way for a number of weeks. There is also...

Lucan Co Dublin

Remains of a drinking "party" in Tymon Park 2

11:41 Jul 21, 2013

There is the remains of a drinking "party" in the park at the point indicated. The remains of a fire and scattered bottles and cans. Maybe more importantly...

Park boundary - The corner of the park where its Greenhills Road boundary meets its Lugnaquilla Ave. boundary

Road needs fixing 1

11:33 Jul 21, 2013

large holes in road where old people have to cross and grass and briars growing out onto the foot path

Portaliffe Beg, Killeshandra, Co Cavan

Dumping of furniture in Tymon Park 2

11:32 Jul 21, 2013

It was somewhat "amusing" to see the efforts made by the person, or persons, who dumped some old furniture in Tymon Park along its boundary with Kippure...

Tymon Park - Kippure Ave Boundary

Dangerous road surface - Towpath between Robertstown and Lowtown 1

10:44 Jul 21, 2013

This road is in a dangerous condition for walkers, cyclists and motorists due to the numerous large potholes - cars are forced over very close to the...


Blessington Basin Gates, D7. Reported from to 1

19:43 Jul 20, 2013

See photo. Blessington Basin Gates, D7 - 2013/07/20


Blessington Basin Gates, D7. Reported from to 1

19:43 Jul 20, 2013

See photo. Blessington Basin Gates, D7 - 2013/07/20


Street lighting at Weston Park 1

18:48 Jul 20, 2013

Light bulb needs to be replaced at park behind Notre Dame

Street lighting at Weston Park


Outside 502 NCR, D1. Reported from to 1

17:26 Jul 20, 2013

See photo. Food waste & loose litter all over the footpath & dumped bags at each tree


Arbour Hill,D7. Reported from to 1

17:13 Jul 20, 2013

See photo. footpath near blocked- wheelchair user could not get past this

Arbour Hill,D7.jpg

Montpelier hill, D7. Reported from to 1

17:10 Jul 20, 2013

See photo. Common dumping spot - rubbish dumped here daily

Montpelier hill, D7.jpg

Dorset St bags everywhere 2

16:55 Jul 20, 2013

Hello, there are black binbags dumped on numerous spots on Dorset St. I drove along there earlier this morning (saturday 10am) and counted 11 separate...

Dorset St

Street Light out of order 1

12:44 Jul 20, 2013

A street light outside 28 caheranne village, ballyvelly, tralee is out of order and requires fixing.

caheranne village tralee


Unemptied Bins and Grafitti 1

12:36 Jul 20, 2013

Grafitti on phone box reported in May, its still there. Bins not being emptied regularly in the town, i understand there are cutbacks but during the...

gort town

Diseased tree. 2

11:11 Jul 20, 2013

Dear Fingal Co.Council, I want to report that a tree outside 188 Sea Park Malahide has been diseased for over two years. It is a cherry tree and has...

188 Sea Park Malahide Co Dublin