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Sewage smell 2

23:16 Jul 15, 2015

Bad sewage smell from two manholes on roadway near my house. Has been there for a week but very bad last few days.

Old Court Avenue and Old Court View junction, Dublin 24

Street light 2

23:11 Jul 15, 2015

Not working

22 the close glenveigh boy ne r


Street Light On Day And Night 2

23:01 Jul 15, 2015

Lamp Post No.9 Is Constantly Lighting

Sherrard Street Lower


Street Light On Day And Night 1

22:58 Jul 15, 2015

Lamp Post No.10 Is Constantly Lighting

Belmayne Park North


LED street lights too bright 1

22:23 Jul 15, 2015

A number of street lights have recently been installed in bayside. They are far too bright with a focused light. One of them lights up the entire rear...



Feeder stream grid needs cleaning 2

22:20 Jul 15, 2015

Feeder stream grid needs cleaning. Build up of trapped filtered litter. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


SDCC Bins Full On going Problem 2

21:55 Jul 15, 2015

Bins full to overflowing week in week out. This issue needs to be addressed with additional planned collections. ---- This report was originally submitted...


Maintenance/Repair request for Mayo County Council (Belmullet Area) 4

21:53 Jul 15, 2015

Road is need of resurfacing. Grass is growing up through centre of road and catching the underside of vehicles driving on it. Also road verges are badly...

Glencullen lower, Bangor Erris, Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Tree in need or inspection 2

21:45 Jul 15, 2015

Large Eucalyptue growing on the edge of a green space at a fork in the road needs inspection please. The root plate has lifted and in its present condition...


Water leak 3

21:02 Jul 15, 2015

I contacted Fingal Count Council on Saturday 4th July re a leak outside 40 Castle Lawns Seabury , Malahide. I rang several times . I received a response...


Street light fault 1

20:45 Jul 15, 2015

Street light not working at number 11 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Over grown hedge 1

20:05 Jul 15, 2015

The hedge is over grown between cappaghmore lodge and cappaghmore estate forcing my disabled mother to walk on the road along with all other pedestrians....


Illegal dumping 2

19:18 Jul 15, 2015

Rubbish being dumped at laneway entrance at 10 Alpine Heights,Clondalkin,D22

10 Alpine Heights Clondalkin Dublin 22

Dead Cat on the street 1

19:16 Jul 15, 2015

Hi We have a dead cat on the street. It has been there for 2 days and has started smelling. Please advise on removal

70 Windermere

Rubish dumped in the lane way next to my house 2

18:24 Jul 15, 2015

I've reported this a few times and it has yet to be cleaned out. There's a huge amount of rubbish there. The place is riddled with mice and I'm starting...

65 saint Ronans Park Clondalkin

Rubbish dumped (separate to previous report) 2

17:35 Jul 15, 2015

More rubbish has been dumped along several parts of Knockmeenagh Lane; two shopping bags in different locations and a pile of what appears to be clothing....


Rubbish dumped 2

17:35 Jul 15, 2015

The remains of three mattresses which were dumped yesterday and subsequently set on fire are at the top of St Brigid's Cotts. (Knockmeenagh Lane end)....


Speeding Cars in Eiscir Island 1

17:15 Jul 15, 2015

Hi, There are constantly cars speeding through this housing estate showing little regard for the fact that kids are playing nearby. It's only a matter...