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Hole in Footpath 1

20:23 Mar 31, 2015

Large hole across the entire footpath outside the Opel/Renault showroom.


Information Sign Missing 2

19:25 Mar 31, 2015

Tourist information sign and map missing from Brabazon woodlands walk. Information sign is located at the car park of Swinford playground. (There is...



Fire remains 2

18:23 Mar 31, 2015

Remains of a fire in tymon park in the field between balrothery and the basketball arena up on the hill needs to be cleaned up its near the arena road...

Tymon park tallaght

Dead duck 2

16:52 Mar 31, 2015

Dead duck in cycle lane. North side of Grove Road, between Harolds Cross Bridge and side entrance to Barracks

74-78 Grove Road, Dublin, Ireland

Poor Road Condition 2

16:51 Mar 31, 2015

Condition of Orwell Road between junction of Terenure Road East and entrance to Supervalu carpark is very poor. Broken joints at different heights, previous...

1-11 Orwell Road, Dublin, Ireland

Path defect 1

15:40 Mar 31, 2015

Path outside 361/362 the grove is broken with pieces missing and could be dangerous for children/old people walking/playing. ---- This report was originally...


terrible potholes at cloonainra swinford co. mayo 2

15:30 Mar 31, 2015

Road at cloonainra swinford co. Mayo. Really bad road surface and terrible potholes that badly need filling from top of road right down over little bridge...

cloonainra swinford co. mayo

Street light not working in ridgewood swords 1

15:15 Mar 31, 2015

The last street light is not working at the corner of cedar avenue Ridgewood Swords, the corner is very dark at night as a result.

corner of cedar avenue Ridgewood swords


Grafitti 3

15:01 Mar 31, 2015

Grafitti on the gate pillars from Hermitage Park onto Hermitage Road

Gateway Pillars from Hermitage Park onto Hermitage Road


All broken pavement 2

14:50 Mar 31, 2015

Pavement at the front of 20 St.Donaghs Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13 is all broken up, uneven with all uneven surface which has resulted in children falling...


Street light 1

14:33 Mar 31, 2015

Light fitting hanging at an angle from post on St Colmcilles Way at junction to M50 sliproad southbound

Knocklyon, Dublin


Pathway 1

14:22 Mar 31, 2015

I live in beech grove lucan and I noticed that council workers are working on the paths outside our houses in beech grove/park in lucan.I was hoping while...

beech grove, lucan

Defective Coping on top of wall, Rathfarnham Castle Park 2

14:16 Mar 31, 2015

The coping on top of the wall on the hump back bridge in Rathfarnham Castle Park is damaged. One piece of the coping is in the pond and there is great...

Rathfarnham Castle Park, Dublin 14

CAstleknock wAlkway tree down 1

13:58 Mar 31, 2015

A tree is blocking the path - knocked down by storm. Also note "private keep out" notices on the land beside the pathway. These have recently been erected...

Castleknock walkway

dead/broken tree 2

13:34 Mar 31, 2015

Tree in the front field close to houses is dead. Last nights winds broke several big branches off. It needs to be taken down very dangerous with young...

castle park tallaght

Street lighting 0

13:19 Mar 31, 2015

Street light not working

birchdale carriglea downs dunlaoire


Street Lights On 24/7 2

12:43 Mar 31, 2015

There Are Street Light Poles No.9 And No.11 And They Are On 24/7

Abbey Street Lower


Clear up needed 1

12:40 Mar 31, 2015

Hello - the area along Carpenterstown Road around the sign and around the base of the M50 flyover is really messy. The grass is rarely cut along by the...


Litter on Balleally Lane Lusk(Road to the old Tiphead) 2

12:31 Mar 31, 2015

Hi, In recent months we have been having an ongoing problem with people throwing litter from vehicles on Balleally Lane. It appears to be fast food containers...

Balleally Lane

Broken light on Balleally Lane Lusk 1

12:24 Mar 31, 2015

Light number 20 on Balleally Lane (road to the old tiphead) has been broken for a few months now. We sent an e-mail a couple of months ago but no success...