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White powdery mildew on street trees 1

13:40 Sep 14, 2014

The trees in Orlagh Patk. Knocklyon . Are covered in a white powdery mildew. Will this effect the trees in the future or should your maintenance crew...

Orlagh Park . Knocklyon

Street Lights 2

11:56 Sep 14, 2014

Street lights are out of order in front of houses numbered 10 and 12 Townparks Manor, Kells. Lampposts numbered 9 and 10 are not working.

11 Townparks Manor, Kells


Water in ditch at Gormanston, Co. Meath 1

10:35 Sep 14, 2014

Notice ditch full of water - so full leaking onto road. Weather is dry no reason for ditch to have water. Never seen before. Think something wrong...


Trees 2

18:05 Sep 13, 2014

2 large trees outside 6 Glengrove. Very low to ground ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Sewerage Blockage 2

13:26 Sep 13, 2014

Blockage in drains, severe smell from toilets location: cannon row / alley off cannon row shop tiolets blocked: shogun martial arts & acme royal blinds...

Navan, Meath

Loads of rubbish at the end Commons road near green (Clondalkin)) 2

07:27 Sep 13, 2014

The road next to the apartment blocks at the end of commons road towards fonthill road (the green area) is filled with rubbish again and cans. Could someone...

End of commons road next to the green across of the apartment block in Clondalkin

Lucan Heights Lane, Lucan, Co Dublin 2

23:49 Sep 12, 2014

The lane along Lucan Cloisters, leading out of Lucan Heights on to the old Lucan road, is overgrown with weeds, bushes, shrubs, etc, to the point where...

lucan heights dublin

Confusion over road markings 1

21:45 Sep 12, 2014

In front of the "Howth Market" the Council painted double yellow lines a while back. Not that it prevents people from parking on them though. Now the...


Unauthorised lamppost attachment. 2

19:09 Sep 12, 2014

A basketball hoop has been attached to the lamppost at 1 The Drive, Mulhuddart Wood, Dublin 15. This is a serious accident hazard for passing motorists...

1 The Drive, Mulhuddart Wood.


Dumped Rubbish Black Spot Old Kilmainham 2

19:04 Sep 12, 2014

Dumped black rubbish bags bulging here this evening.

Old Kilmainham

Emmet Road Inchicore 2

19:01 Sep 12, 2014

This road is in bad bad shape. Extremely dirty. Needs to be swept as high volume of traffic with matches, around St.Pats. Pavement outside masseys funeral...

Emmet Road Inchicore

Dangerous road undulation / subsidence 1

16:26 Sep 12, 2014

We were driving down from Molls gap into Killarney recently - just after 5 mile bridge on the Killarney side the car nearly left the road because of an...


Overgrown trees covering all lamp posts on castlefield Drive. kncklyon 2

14:25 Sep 12, 2014

There are lots of trees grown over and around lampposts making the lighting on the street very poor. The trees need to be removed. This is also apparent...


broken foothpaths 1

13:09 Sep 12, 2014

foothpath outsideNo's 39 and 58 Wainsfort Road, Terenure, Dublin 6w require repair.

58 Wainsfort Road, Terenure, Dublin 6w

Wheelie bin dumped - Russell downs 2

11:39 Sep 12, 2014

I would like to report a full black wheelie bin dumped outside my house on Russell downs, tallaght,. It is beside no 8 at a wall I moved it out of the...

Russell downs

Street Lighting - St Patrick's Park Clondalkin 1

11:33 Sep 12, 2014

Street lights numbers 1,2,5,6,9 and 10 are almost completely obscured by trees on the roadside verge at St Patrick's Roads and St Patrick's Park Clondalkin...

St Patrick's Park Clondalkin


tree between 71 and 72 raheen close 1

10:52 Sep 12, 2014

Hi, the tree between 71 and 72 raheen close, just brown leaves all summer, no green tree seems to be dead, could you please have it checked, all the other...

72 raheen close

Lighting Marlfield crescent 1

10:48 Sep 12, 2014

Hi There, I live in Marlfield crescent, I have been onto the mantenience company a few times in relaiton to the lighting in the estate. They basicaly...

Marlfield crescent


Illegal Dumping 2

10:35 Sep 12, 2014

Several bags of rubbish have been dumped on the corner along with an old pram ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Grafitti about Gardai 2

10:06 Sep 12, 2014

Grafitti in the Church Car Park about the Gardai it is clearly visibly for all to see its downgrading the car park....

main street castlebar