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Gowran, Co/ Kilkenny 2

17:01 Feb 23, 2015

2 street lights out on the Thomastown road as you leave Gowran village.



Street Lights, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 2

16:56 Feb 23, 2015

2 street lights out as you exit the village on the Thomastown road.

Gowran, Co. Kilkenny


Pot Holes very bad 1

16:50 Feb 23, 2015

The pot holes as your turning the corner at treen hill and as you turn the corner are very bad and dangerous when your trying to come around that bend...


White line on Hearse Road Donabate 2

16:44 Feb 23, 2015

The white line on the Hearse Road going to/ from Donabate is really faint, especially in the bend at petrol station and the hilltop before the train station....

Hearse Road, Donabate

Littering and road defect 1

16:41 Feb 23, 2015

A lot of littering from kids ( who don't even live in the estate but hang out here) Also really bad pot holes in the street damaging cars

Grey Square, Portrane

Littering Castleview Heights 2

16:39 Feb 23, 2015

Littering Castleview Heights! Last house at fence between Heights and Millers Glen! Dumping of household waste over the Fence!

Castleview Heights, swords

Used Syringes 2

16:31 Feb 23, 2015

There are a number of used syringes dumped in a gateway on Steevens Lane in Dublin City. While not on the main footpath, the syringes are under a gate...


Pothole in Old Greenfield, Maynooth 2

16:24 Feb 23, 2015

Hi, There is a very deep pothole in Old Greenfield outside hse 819 / 820 beside the large green space. I wouod be very grateful if this could be patched....

Old Greenfield, Maynooth

Dublin Road, Portlaoise 1

15:49 Feb 23, 2015

The main Dublin Road in Portlaoise seems to have very dim lighting which is quite dangerous as it is a heavily trafficked road with not only motor vehicles...

dublin road, portlaoise


grafitti in large quantities and illegal dumping 5

15:47 Feb 23, 2015

over the weekend someone has vandalised external and internal walls of the estate, with vile language contained in some. The concrete building outside...


Mountrath Road Roundabout & Public Lighting 1

15:44 Feb 23, 2015

Part of the footpath near an ESB pole on the Mountrath Road on the RHS of the road going in the direction of Mountrath requires restoration after what...

mountrath road, portlaoise

2 lights broken 1

15:40 Feb 23, 2015

2 lights faulty ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Footpath on Mountrath Road near Dromadoon 1

15:38 Feb 23, 2015

A loose bent manhole cover could cause someone to trip and fall practicially at the junction of Dromadoon and Mountrath Road on the footpath nearest the...

Footpath on Mountrath Road near Dromadoon

Rubbish - Middle Gardiner Street, D1 3

15:23 Feb 23, 2015

#fysie rubbish on railings and in doorways Middle Gardiner Street Dublin 1

middle gardner street, Dublin

Subsidence on Stocking Lane walkway 1

15:16 Feb 23, 2015

Hi. There seems to be a subsidence on the walkway opposite Prospect Manor. The attached pictures should help with location.

Stocking Lane, Dublin, Ireland

Damaged footpath on Edmondstown Road 1

15:15 Feb 23, 2015

The pathway outside the Cloragh Mills apartments is very damaged. I tripped on it yesterday. It need urgent repair before someone seriously damages themselves....

Edmondstown Road, Dublin, Ireland

dumped rubbush 2

15:15 Feb 23, 2015

There is a bag of rubbish dumped on Goldsmith street, D7 - near the junction with Geraldine street (near 40 Goldsmith)

41 Goldsmith Street, Dublin, Ireland