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Road or pavement obstruction at Howth Road 2

11:55 Jul 14, 2014

At corner of Dunluce road and Howth road. The metal holder is sticking out dangerously. My son walked into it and scraped himself.

Road or pavement obstruction at Howth Road

street lights in lios dualla estate 2

11:55 Jul 14, 2014

In lios dualla estate there is 10 street lights. 1 is working and the rest are not. There is a lot of young children in the estate so safety is very important...

19 Líos Dubhaile, Dualla, Co. Tipperary


Dead dog/Large Puppy Breaffy, Castlebar 2

11:44 Jul 14, 2014

There is very dead dog/large puppy on the Breaffy Road, this could cause a serious accident as you have to swerve dramatically to avoid it at all costs.

breaffy castlebar

Litter 2

11:20 Jul 14, 2014

Litter at the corner gate for over a week ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Tree maintenance 1

10:05 Jul 14, 2014

Address: 9 Sarto Lawn, Sutton, D 13. Please cut back a large number of hugely overgrown trees beside my house. They are blocking sunlight and light into...

sarto Lawn

Removal of Tree outside 82 Pinewood Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 and replanting of new tree 1

09:16 Jul 14, 2014

Removal of tree outside 82 Pinewood Park, Rathfarnham, Dubin 14 and replanting of new tree. The tree was planted over 40 years ago and the roots are...

82 Pinewood Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Offensive Graffiti 1

09:05 Jul 14, 2014

Offensive graffiti at entrance to Rathfarnham Park (on both sides of entrance), Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 and on main wall on Rathfarnham Road, to the right...

Rathfarnham Park, Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 14


Bad pothole 2

08:25 Jul 14, 2014

There is a pothole on the "southbound" side of the road. I have damaged my steering following an impact. ---- This report was originally submitted at...


Sunken manhole cover on Castleknock Road at M50 1

23:21 Jul 13, 2014

Westbound Castleknock Road on bridge over M50 there is a manhole cover that has subsided. Is there a chance that it could fall in? It is quite a jolt...

Castleknock Road west of Park Drive roundabout

Streetlights are off 2

23:10 Jul 13, 2014

Looks like street lights on newest part of Dermot Street are off over last few nights.

Clongriffin, 19-31 Dermot Street


Dangerous thorny branches blocking path 1

22:45 Jul 13, 2014

On N1 at Pavillions Shopping Centre between 41 bus stop and flyover bridge. Practically impassable. Overgrown brambles blocking only access to flyover...


Litter and dangerous fence 2

21:20 Jul 13, 2014

The site of the house that was demolished is littered with rubbish and dangerous objects. The perimeter fence is dangerous to children walking by. Footpath...


street light not working 2

18:21 Jul 13, 2014

A street light outside my home stopped working about a week ago. We are situated in a very small cul de sac so its our only source of light so pretty...

silverglen mountmellick


Dame St, D2. Reported from to 2

18:00 Jul 13, 2014

See photo. Submitter says "all over the path from Parliament street to the Olympia. Couldn't figure out where it came from"

Dame St, D2.jpg-large

Potholes 2

17:55 Jul 13, 2014

There are about 3 or 4 potholes here. One is very large ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


wall knocked down on the n60 breaffy road 2

16:44 Jul 13, 2014

there has being a wall knocked down on the n60 castlebar to balla road in breaffy 1km from breaffy village on the right hand side due to a careless driver...

breaffy road castlebar

Pole on footpath damaging cars 2

15:27 Jul 13, 2014

The footpath on James Street Westport were altered and silver poles erected. On June 25th when exiting the Westport Leisure park onto James Street I...

James Street, Westport, Co Mayo

Dog Fouling 1

15:20 Jul 13, 2014

Persons leaving dogs out to poo in green area where children play- can we get signs put up? ---- This report was originally submitted at