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Large hole in footpath 2

16:52 May 06, 2014

A sign post pole that had fallen in Fairgreen Village, Portlaoise was removed by the council on 24th of April with the men saying it would be returned...

DeVesci Court, Fairgreen, Portlaoise, Co. Laois

Damaged road surface 1

16:41 May 06, 2014

The surface of limekiln road (just after the junction as you head towards Peters school) has been damaged since Christmas. The Tarmac has eroded away...

Limekiln road just after the junction on the left handsome heading towards St. Peter's school

Potholes 1

16:33 May 06, 2014

There is a really bad series of potholes on the ramp outside of Greenhills College on Limekiln Avenue. Cars have started to drive on the other side of...

Red brick ramp on Limekiln avenue just before the entrance to Greenhills college as you are heading towards the traders pub

Tarmac residue 2

15:34 May 06, 2014

Left over tarmac residue on all approaches to Littlepace roundabout following recent resurfacing of the roadabout road surface itself


Offensive Graffiti Wexford Town 1

15:14 May 06, 2014

Graffiti about CIRA is on walls in Wexford town. Between Wexford General Hospital junction and Clonard Church.

Wexford Town


sign down 1

15:13 May 06, 2014

@FixYourStreet junction Palmers Park and Palmers Crescent in #Palmerstown Manor street sign down #le14

junction Palmers Park and Palmers Crescent

Condoms in children's playground Kildare Town 1

15:03 May 06, 2014

The children's playground in Kildare Town is littered with lots of coloured condoms this morning. Regularly there are groups of teenage kids hanging around...

Kildare town

Unsightly Roadside Litter 1

14:53 May 06, 2014

Almost the entire R256 between the R255 junction up to Errigal mountain is infested with road-side rubbish such as fast-food wrappers, plastic drink bottles...

Glenveagh, donegal

Everyone Speeds 1

14:46 May 06, 2014

This dual carraigeway has a 50km/hr speed limit. I am a frequent visitor to Galway and anytime I drive along this road 100% of the other traffic passes...

Bothar Na dTreabh, Galway City

Street Lighting 1

14:21 May 06, 2014

Street Lighting needs to be repaired outside No 6 Moy Glas Green, Lucan (format: 38.19,-85.61).

Griffeen Valley, Lucan, Co Dublin


Dumped rubbish at Belcamp Lane 2

14:16 May 06, 2014

Dumped rubbish outside HSE medical centre.

Dumped rubbish at Belcamp Lane

Water Leak, Skerries, Co.Dublin 2

14:04 May 06, 2014

There seems to be a water leak at Holmpatrick, Skerries. A lot of water is lying along the gutter opposite Weldons Lane whereas the rest of the street...

Holmpatrick, opposite Weldons Lane

Partially Burnt Rubbish 3

13:40 May 06, 2014

A few metres off the Military Rd R115 on the L7236 there is a pile of partially burnt rubbish. ---- This report was originally submitted at


Holes in the road 1

12:45 May 06, 2014

The edges of recently filled in trenches at the Kellystown Lane junction with the R148 have corroded, leaving deep long ruts which are dangerous for cyclists....


Street Light Clondalkin 1

12:19 May 06, 2014

Street light No. 7 outside 26 Westbourne Green, Clondalkin is not lighting up at night for last couple of evenings. It would be great if it could be fixed...

Westbourne, Clondalkin


Grass cutting Alpine - Clondalkin 1

12:13 May 06, 2014

please cut the grass on the right hand side as you enter Alpine Heights in Clondalkin. It hasn't been cut in weeks and is at least a foot long and really...


Speed Ramps 1

12:08 May 06, 2014

There is an urgent need for ramps on Mount Andrew Ave in Lucan. It is the 1st rd that leads into the whole estate and as there are no speed limit signs...


No speed limit signs entering estate 1

12:03 May 06, 2014

No speed limit signs entering Mount Andrew estate (Mount Andrew Ave) or anywhere else in the estate in Lucan. There are lots of young children living...


Light not working 1

12:02 May 06, 2014

Street light

19 bawnville drive Tallaght


Public Lighting service Cabintet 1

11:51 May 06, 2014

The public lighting service cabinet is open outside 186 Avondale Park, Mulhuddart Dublin 15. The door probably interfered with by children, due to specific...

Avondale Park, Mulhuddart Dublin 15