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Litter Bins Full 2

11:50 May 06, 2014

Litter bins in the area of College Drive are overflowing - bin outside crèche, bin at junction of College Drive and Wainsfort Road and bin outside Wainsfort...


Broken Pavement 1

11:45 May 06, 2014

There is a very badly broken pavement outside house 58, Wainsfort Road. I would appreciate if someone could take a look ---- This report was originally...


Pothole on North Circular Rd 1

11:35 May 06, 2014

There is a pot hole on the NCR when you are driving in the direction of the Pheonix Park and approaching the junction at Hanlon's Corner. There are gates...

North Circular Road

street lighting 1

10:51 May 06, 2014

No 8 street light in Brookford Park Rush co Dublin has be out of service for over 4 MONTHS now, and it is very dark in the cul-de-sac because of this...

Rush co dublin


Missing Bins in Donaghmede? 2

10:39 May 06, 2014

There has always been bins in our streets .the first one was located outside the gap of shopping centre in donaghmede.(Holywell Avenue).Secondly the bin...

donaghmede holywell avenue dublin13

Illegal dumping on Old Lucan Road 2

10:11 May 06, 2014

Twenty or so black sacks of rubbish dumped at east end of Old Lucan Road, behind Applegreen service station.

Old Lucan Road, behind Applegreen service station.

rubbish dumping 2

08:50 May 06, 2014

I live in MacUilliam. I have lost count the amount of times I have reported rubbizh being dumped. There are two particular spots. The first is just past...


Grass cutting 2

08:05 May 06, 2014

The green spaces in the estate are completely overgrown. In places it's 12 inches high and full of weeds. It hasn't been cut all year. ---- This report...


Street lighting 1

21:06 May 05, 2014

Hi, the light outside our house is gone. Thanks.

10 eden crescent, rathfarnham, d16


Litter blocking speed sign 1

19:36 May 05, 2014

Election poster is blocking the speed limit sign as it goes from 60kmph to 50kmph outside Weston Aerodrome entrance on R403 towards Lucan

Just before entrance to Weston Aerodrome entrance on R403 towards Lucan

Building works equipment 1

19:19 May 05, 2014

There is a large orange building works cone on the grass verge across from 177 Woodfield. It may have come from Council works at the front of the estate...

scholarstown road

Removal of uprooted trees in Sarto Park. Sutton. Dublin.13 3

18:12 May 05, 2014

There are at least five trees lying on the grass in the park. Some have been down since the storms earlier this year. Although the grass has been cut...

Sarto Park. Bayside. Sutton. Dublin.13.

Hazelbrook Rd, D6. Reported from to 2

15:18 May 05, 2014

See photo. Builders trailer full of waste. Here for a while & looks abandoned, says Submitter

Hazelbrook Rd, D6.jpg-large

St.Mary's Place Nth, D7. Reported from to 2

14:56 May 05, 2014

See photo. Dumping outside the door into a National School. Submitter says "here for a few days"

St.Mary's Place Nth, D7.jpg-large

Grass cutting 1

13:54 May 05, 2014

The grass cutting around this area has really declined over the last year which is so disappointing since we are now paying property tax. Before that...

The close, hunters run Clonee

Election Poster Blocking Speed Limit Sign 1

12:14 May 05, 2014

There's an election poster completely blocking a speed limit sign on marlton road, wicklow town.

marlton road wicklow town

Street Light not working 1

00:11 May 05, 2014

Street light not working on Templeogue Road close to pedestrian entrance to Templeogue Wood, known as 'The Gap'. Close to bus stop # 2600. The street...

templeogue road/templeogue wood


Dangerously high trees in Monalea Grove, Firhouse, Dublin 24. 1

19:38 May 04, 2014

Trees are dangerous in this estate as they are very close to the houses. They have been let grow wild by the council and in turn have grown higher than...

Monalea Grove, Firhouse, Dublin 24