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Street Light Not Working 2

23:06 Aug 21, 2015

Pole No.48 At Rathmines Road Lower Is Not Working

Rathmines Road Lower


Illegal dumping 1

23:03 Aug 21, 2015

Two bed bases and mattress

Greentrees Park

Street Lights Not Working 2

23:00 Aug 21, 2015

Poles 19 And 21 Are Not Working

Grosvenor Road


Street Light Not Working 1

22:56 Aug 21, 2015

Pole No.7 At Winton Avenue Is Not Working

Winton Avenue


Buzzing Street Light 2

22:51 Aug 21, 2015

Pole No.2 At Orwell Mews Has Been Making A Loud Buzzing Noise When It Is On At Night I Would Appreciate If This Is Looked At Thanks

Orwell Mews


Street Light Not Working 2

22:46 Aug 21, 2015

Pole No.12 At Terenure Road East Is Not Working

Terenure Road East


Buzzing Street Light 2

22:45 Aug 21, 2015

Poles 2 And 7 Have Been Making A Loud Buzzing Noise When They Are On At Night I Would Appreciate If They Are Looked At Thanks

Kimmage Road West


Streetlights out in Palmerstown Manor, Dublin 20. 1

22:44 Aug 21, 2015

A block of streetlights in Palmerstown Manor are now out of action and not giving any light at all. They are at: (1) Palmers Close (beside M50 motorway)...

Palmers Close, Dublin


Seamount planning 3

20:24 Aug 21, 2015

hi there, can you please advise what the plan is for the seamount road? there will soon be a new estate at the end of the seamount road, and there is...

Seamount Road

Trees and shrubs 2

20:22 Aug 21, 2015

hi there, the trees and shrubs around knockdara and seamount need cutting back. is this planned for any time soon please? thanks.

Seamount Road

Footpath needed 2

17:09 Aug 21, 2015

The Mauritiustown Road, Rosslare Strand has no footpath between the railway bridge and the beach. There are a lot of pedestrians and one is urgently required.

Mauritiustown Road

dead cat 1

16:36 Aug 21, 2015

At edge of bushes, past roundabout near Springfield hotel heading celebridge direction

celebridge road lucan

dead cat 1

16:29 Aug 21, 2015

Dead cat


Street light broken 1

15:15 Aug 21, 2015

Opposite Fforster Close, Lucan ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Road has sunk 2

14:58 Aug 21, 2015

A number of patches of the L327 have sunk down as this is a bog road, this is really dangerous if you don't know the road, a number of people have burst...

Dromard, Clonmore, Templemore. Co. Tipperary

Pot hole surrounding manhole on cyclepath 1

14:20 Aug 21, 2015

As above, but particularily on the underpass route were it is quite dark. Please inspect this route from the texaco garage to mortons pub. there are lots...


Street light starting on 1

14:05 Aug 21, 2015

No. 1 street light is staying on. Outside 1 Mount Andrew Place ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...



Street Lighting broken 1

13:05 Aug 21, 2015

Street Light, at Ross Demense, on cul de sac to Ross castle is broken at point indicated on map ---- This report was originally submitted at



Bin 2

13:01 Aug 21, 2015

Hi there, Is it possible to put a public bin somewhere around the Seamount Road? The closest seems to be at Hilltop Store, but it would be great if...

Seamount Road

Street Light bulb not working 1

12:38 Aug 21, 2015

Street Light build has expired Light standard number 6 near 39 Beach View

beach view, bayside, dublin 13