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Street Light On Constantly 1

15:45 Jul 01, 2015

Pole No.4 At Ballinteer Avenue Is Permanently On

Ballinteer Avenue


Graffiti 2

15:08 Jul 01, 2015

There is graffiti on ESB Pole on Hazelbrook Rd down towards Lwr Kimmage Rd end. In fact this "Evoke" graffiti tag is all over the D6W/D12 area. I've...

Hazelbrook Road


Outside Gardiner Place, D1. Reported from to 2

14:45 Jul 01, 2015

See photo. "again" says submitter. These rogue landlords and rogue tenants on this stretch operate brazenly & have been doing this for years.

Outside Gardiner Place, D1.jpg

Whitword Rd & St.Patricks Rd, D9. Reported from to 2

14:40 Jul 01, 2015

See photo. Consistent dumping blackspot. Submitter says "@DublinLitter rubbish being left on the side of the street there for months. Recurring problem."

Whitword Rd & St.Patricks Rd, D9.jpg

Children at play warning sign pointing wrong way 1

13:46 Jul 01, 2015

When you drive into Luttrell Park Drive there is a yellow Children warning sign on the right (the pole is on the green). In my opinion this sign is...

LuttrellPark Drive, Carpenterstown

Request to Cut Grass 2

13:44 Jul 01, 2015

Woodvillie Manor Estate, Dundalk Louth

Dundalk Louth

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

12:10 Jul 01, 2015

Dumped by passerby Tuesday morning, outside my hose at Ballynoe, Whites Cross,. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

R614, Munster, Ireland

Foot path at Old Court Lawn 2

12:01 Jul 01, 2015

Hi - the foot path at the entrance to my house at Old Court Lawn, Firhouse, Dublin 24 is in a state of serious disrepair and requires urgent repair. See...

Old Court Lawn Firhouse

Dangerous bicycle traffic light 1

12:00 Jul 01, 2015

The bicycle traffic light at the end of the cycle track on the bridge coming from Damastown Ind Estate is turning green at the same time as the traffic...


Street light not working 1

11:13 Jul 01, 2015

Street light on junction of house in Oakwood grove not working, number 13 streetlight (on sticker), number 18 streetlight by oainted number.

Oakwood grove Clondalkin D22


Street light not working 1

11:09 Jul 01, 2015

Oakwood grove, corner junction. Street light number (13 on sticker or 18 by painted number). Please repair asap

Oakwood grove, Clondalkin, Dublin 22


Parnell Green Street Lighting 1

10:47 Jul 01, 2015

The street lighting on parts of Parnell Green and the common areas behind the dwellings are not fully functional. A lot of the lights are not working.

Parnell Green Mulhuddart


Dog Litter Bin and or Rubbish bins request 1

10:44 Jul 01, 2015

Is it possible to have some dog waste bins and rubbish bins placed in the football pitches in Damastown road. People have nowhere to put their empty bottles...

Damastown Road Dublin 15

Dumped Sofa Damastown Road 1

10:05 Jul 01, 2015

A sofa has been dumped on the Damastown road beside Mulhuddart Motorcycle club opposite Base. It was only dumped there last night/early morning this morning....

Damastown Road Dublin 15

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

09:20 Jul 01, 2015

Broken glass on Sam Beckett bridge going north. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Pearsey South Docks, Dublin, Ireland

Street Light Constantly Lit 2

07:55 Jul 01, 2015

Pole 9 At Prospect Avenue Is Constantly Lit Both Day And Night Thanks

Prospect Avenue


Street Light On 24/7 1

07:15 Jul 01, 2015

Please Be Advised That Pole 151 Is Permanently On This Had Been Reported Some Months Ago And Fixed But Has Happened Again Thanks

Stillorgan Road


2 blown street lights Longford Town 1

23:22 Jun 30, 2015

Street lights outside Camlin Meadow in farney hoogan estate blown.



dog muck 1

23:11 Jun 30, 2015

Please could a sign be erected immediately on the entrance to elmwood estate (swords, Co dublin) asking dog owners to pick up after their dog?

elmwood estate, swords, Co dublin

grafitti 1

23:07 Jun 30, 2015

Please could you arrange for the grafitti to be removed from the walls. Thanks.

glasmore park, swords, Co dublin