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Street Light Not Working 1

08:35 Aug 17, 2015

Street Light Not Working between 10/12 Willington Court. Very Dark as a result ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...



furniture and untagged bags dumped 2

08:31 Aug 17, 2015

Old Kilmainham beside Shannon terrace, there are dumped bags with no tags and a small sofa.

old kilmainham, former Irish cone and wafer factory

Grease across road 1

08:14 Aug 17, 2015

Layer of grease running across the road which is heavily used by pedestrians. Leaked from one of 5 commercial bins which are left out overnight but not...

The Mall off Coppers Lane Rush

Ramps in Ongar 1

07:52 Aug 17, 2015

They are full of potholes. Please fix them.

Ongar Village, Dublin 15.

litter 2

00:25 Aug 17, 2015

This problem regarding litter at Kiltipper Road and Kiltipper Way was reported a few weeks ago. There was a quick response and it was cleaned up straight...


Street Light 1

00:19 Aug 17, 2015

The street light outside number 4 Kilclare Gardens has not been working for over 4 weeks.

Kilclare Gardens


dumping rubbish in glenshane 1

22:38 Aug 16, 2015

Dumping rubbish in glenshane playing fields tallaght there are people who are given teenagers wheel bins to burn in park

glenshane drive

dumping rubbish in glenshane playing fields 2

22:05 Aug 16, 2015

Many households are given teenagers wheel bins to dump in glenshane playing fields tallaght there are then burning the rubbish every night smell of toxic...

glenshane drive

Street Light Not Working 1

20:54 Aug 16, 2015

Pole No.1 At Fleurville Road Is Not Working

Fleurville Road


Graffiti 1

20:49 Aug 16, 2015

There Is Graffiti On The Electrical Power Box At The Junction Of Coppinger Walk And Coppinger Glade

Coppinger Glade


Street Lights On 24/7 1

20:48 Aug 16, 2015

Poles 27 And 37 At Toll Bridge Road Are On 24/7

Toll Bridge Road


street light broken 1

20:42 Aug 16, 2015

Street light number 28 besides 39 Hamilton Avenue in Balbriggan broken.

39 Hamilton Avenue. Balbriggan


Street Lights Not Working 1

20:42 Aug 16, 2015

Poles 113 And 116 At Cheeverstown Road Have Not Been Working For The Last 3 Weeks I Already Reported Them By Phone About A Week Ago Thanking You

Cheeverstown Road


Loose manhole 1

20:40 Aug 16, 2015

There is a loose manhole by the construction site that is causing horrible noise from early hours in the morning to very late hours at night. Very distressing...


Graffiti 1

20:39 Aug 16, 2015

There Is Graffiti On An ESB Box At Stillorgan Park

Stillorgan Park


Street Light Not Working 1

20:38 Aug 16, 2015

Pole No.17 At Stillorgan Park Is Not Working

Stillorgan Park


Holywell through Road Graffiti 0

20:11 Aug 16, 2015

Hi there, many months ago I requested that graffiti be removed from power boxes & walls on Holywell through road. Many months later nothing has been...



Rubbish Dumping 2

17:55 Aug 16, 2015

Black sack of household waste dumped on the footpath near 29 Grianan Westbury Co Clare ---- This report was originally submitted at


Broken Pedestrian Light Button 2

15:45 Aug 16, 2015

Pedestrian Light Button Is Not Working Beside Oxfam Books At The Junction Of Leinster Road And Rathmines Road Lower

Rathmines Road Lower

Traffic Light Shades Missing 2

15:43 Aug 16, 2015

The Shades Are Missing On The Traffic Lights At The Junction Of Appian Way And Lesson Street Upper

Lesson Street Upper