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Treess Overgrown On Templeroan Avenue 2

13:45 Aug 04, 2011

The roadside trees on the lower end of Templeroan Avenue are overgrown to the extent that they block street lighting and the lower branches are restricting...

Templeroan Avenue

Pothole on Navan Road 1

13:45 Aug 04, 2011

Pothole just past the pedestrian lights at the church on theNavan Rd, outbound. Causing damage to cars.

navan road dublin

Potholes / Roads 1

13:38 Aug 04, 2011

Elm Park Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6: potholes and road in a general state of disrepair.

Elm Park Avenue, Ranelagh,

Childrens Playground in Cabinteely Park 2

13:35 Aug 04, 2011

Message: The Childrens Playground in Cabinteely Park has two 'Sand Pit Diggers'. These are incredibly dangerous and should be removed from the playground...

Cabinteely Park

Grass Cutting on Public / Green Area 2

13:31 Aug 04, 2011

Hi Just to let you know that the grass on the public / green area opposite Kippure Avenue, Green Park, Dublin 12 does not appear to have been cut for...

Kippure Avenue, Dublin 12

Green Bins at Bottle Banks 2

13:28 Aug 04, 2011

Hi, So many people are fined for leaving carboard boxes at bottle banks. Why can there not be a large green bin so that cardboard and even some bags...

Super Valu car park, Palmerstown

Footpath Repair 2

13:21 Aug 04, 2011

To whom it concerns. The footpath outside, 85 Lower Churchtown Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14, was temporarily repaired back in May after a new water valve...

85 Lower Churchtown Road dublin

re-painting of the parking yellowlines 1

13:11 Aug 04, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you as Chairman of the Claremont Park ResidentsAssociation and I would like to request the re-painting of the parking...

claremont park dublin

Rubbish at the terminus of the 18 bus on the Old Lucan Road in Palmerstown 6

13:07 Aug 04, 2011

I wish to report rubbish at the terminus of the 18 bus on the Old Lucan Road in Palmerstown. This is in an enclosed space adjoining the pedestrian bridge...

See description

Two strips of broken tarmac on R113 2

13:02 Aug 04, 2011

Two strips of broken tarmac across full width of road on R113 just before M50 J13 bridge.

Harolds Grange Road

Graffiti - Lucan 3

13:01 Aug 04, 2011

Dear Sirs Can anything be done about the graffiti painted on the sidesof the water main abutting Lucan Golf Club and also under the bridge nearMcDonalds...

see description


Stillorgan Grove 2

12:43 Aug 04, 2011

Large pot-hole on westbound lane of Stillorgan Grove (prior to roundabout), causes traffic to veer slightly into opposite lane.

Stillorgan Grove

Pothole 1

12:40 Aug 04, 2011

Deep pothole on left-hand side of the road, in the direction of Killarney.


Trees on Temple Manor Drive Dublin 12. 2

12:37 Aug 04, 2011

Could theses trees please b cut back, they are creating an awful residue on cars, walls and in some cases overhanging into gardens. During the heavy winds...

dublin 12

Borken/uneven pavement 2

12:33 Aug 04, 2011

There are areas of broken/uneven pavement on either side of Park Close, Glenageary Heights. These pavements become particularly dangerouse in winter...

Glenageary Heights

Pothole 2

12:31 Aug 04, 2011

There is a small pothole at the junction of Park Court and Park Road, Glenageary Heights, Glenageary.

Glenageary Heights

Pot hole 1

12:20 Aug 04, 2011

Pot hole outside 8 Willington Drive

willington drive

Footpath repair required 1

12:07 Aug 04, 2011

To whom it may concern: I would like to report that the footpath directly outside our house is in need of repair. It has got worse over the last while...

95 Fortfield Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Burst water pipe 2

12:07 Aug 04, 2011

There is a water leak on the corner of Redwood Rise and Treepark Road in Kilnamanagh and has been leaking for months now.Its destroying the footpath and...

Kilnamanagh corner of Redwood Rise/Treepark Road

Broken Ramp 1

12:05 Aug 04, 2011

The last ramp on the road that leads to Old Bawn Community School is very damaged.

Old bawn