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Road in disrepair 5

10:07 Jan 27, 2013

I submitted a report through this site a number of weeks ago about the condition of the Cregg road, Nobber. The council came out 2 weeks ago and filled...


Speed ramps badly broken up 2

08:19 Jan 27, 2013

The speed ramps along this road are badly broken up, also the foot path contains several very raised paving slabs tat are a trip hazard for adults and...


Holycross - General Repairs 0

03:45 Jan 27, 2013

The road surface along the R659 between the junction at River Suir Bridge in Holycross towards Yellow Lough Junction and in towards Thurles needs to repaired...


Pothole, on recently opened section of road 1

21:28 Jan 26, 2013

There are a number of very bumpy sections of tarmac on the east side of Milltown Road, following road openings last year. A substantial pothole has appeared...


Significant litter dumped 1

18:13 Jan 26, 2013

6-7 bags of domestic waste dumped at gate into farm field. All roads around here between Lucan and Clonsilla have significant litter and dumping....old...

Westmanstown Road Lucan 6.44627 W 53.37296 N

Poor drainage of cycle lane 1

17:34 Jan 26, 2013

The cycle lane on norhtbound side has a section that pools up to and inch of water when it rains. The water does not drain away because it is trapped...


Street Lighting 1

15:48 Jan 26, 2013

Street Lighting not working on Sallins Rd @ entrance to Oldtown Demesne.

Sallins Road



15:46 Jan 26, 2013

The new KFC on Nangor Road has not removed advertising placards and banners to the railings along Nangor Road, Clondalkin between Yellow Meadows and the...

New Nangor Road

Bed dumped in river 1

14:14 Jan 26, 2013

There is a mattress dumped in the river behind cloonmore ave creating a dam. the river has gotten very high as the water cant pass through the barrier....


Unused cats eyes in new cycle lane 1

13:34 Jan 26, 2013

While travelling towards Tramore, while approaching the Ballykinsella/Carriglong junction,there are 10 unused cats eyes in the new cycle lane which are...


No street lighting 1

13:13 Jan 26, 2013

Several street lamps are unoperational ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Unfinished road 1

10:48 Jan 26, 2013

This road has been in a bad state of repair for over a year. It's like there was some upgrade work being carried out and stopped. It is very dangerous...


Street lights not working for over 1 month now. 1

07:57 Jan 26, 2013

In Tullyhall Avenue, Lucan, Several street lights have been out of service for since early December last creating a very dark area around the roads and...

Tullyhall Avenue, Lucan. From house no's 1 - 8.


Hedge blocking most of footpath 1

04:39 Jan 26, 2013

A hedge blocks most of the footpath forcing pedestrians to walk in the mud. On Upper Cornelscourt Hill Road on the northern side across the road from...

Upper Cornelscourt Hill Rd, Dublin 18.

Potholes on Harristown Lane St Margaret's Co Dublin 1

22:31 Jan 25, 2013

Severe potholes on Harristown Lane, St Margaret's, Co Dublin directly outside the first house on the left hand side half way down the lane. When it rains...

harristown lane st margarets

Terrible road surface 1

20:49 Jan 25, 2013

The tarmac is half destroyed here, it's dangerously broken and cracked for cycling. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...


Illegal Parking 2

20:37 Jan 25, 2013

Cars are parking illegally outside St Marks Community School at 12:30 and 3:30, It is very dangerous crossing the road as on coming traffic cannot see...

Cookstown Road

Dangerous flooding at Station Rd Lusk 1

20:30 Jan 25, 2013

I would like to report serious flooding on Station Rd Lusk which is causing huge difficulties to pedestrian traffic coming/going to train station and...

Hillcrest -Station road Lusk

Graffiti/ Need or repair 4

20:28 Jan 25, 2013

The arch and the pillars at the entrance to Westbrook Lawns need to be re-painted/cleaned up.

corbally avenue dublin


Graffiti/ Need or repair 1

20:27 Jan 25, 2013

The arch and the pillars at the entrance to Westbrook Lawns need to be re-painted/cleaned up.

corbally avenue dublin