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Illegal dumping 0

19:50 Feb 06, 2013

A car seat and some other items have been left beside a tree between 25 and 27 St Cronans Avenue. This report was originally submitted at

between 25 and 27 St Cronans

Summerhill Court 1

18:57 Feb 06, 2013

Summerhill Court - 2013/02/06

Summerhill Court

Summerhill Court 1

18:56 Feb 06, 2013

Summerhill Court - 2013/02/06


Summerhill Parade 1

18:55 Feb 06, 2013

Summerhill Parade - 2013/02/06


SummerHill court 1

18:53 Feb 06, 2013

SummerHill court - 2013/02/06


Summerhill 1

18:53 Feb 06, 2013

Summerhill - 2013/02/06


010 1

18:51 Feb 06, 2013

summerhill parade


Summerhill 1

18:50 Feb 06, 2013

summerhill parade


Bric-a-Brac 2

18:37 Feb 06, 2013

Goods for sale on footpath outside Shop on the Ninth Lock Rd Clondalkin. The shop is Animal Aid Ireland. Near Xtravision. This is making the area untidy...

Shop is near Centra

Racist Graffiti 1

18:15 Feb 06, 2013

Graffiti in marker on lamposts, traffic lights and esb boxes.

Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin, Co. Dublin


Dumped rubbish at Oakfield Place 1

18:15 Feb 06, 2013

Constant dumping. Every week these little white bags are left out in same place with no labels. Any way to catch culprits and prosecute?

Dumped rubbish at Oakfield Place

illegal dumping 2

18:15 Feb 06, 2013

There is rubbiish all around the hepburn court development on the Ballyfin Road, Portlaoise.

10-24 Mountain View Square, Portlaoise, Co. Laois

Potholes and no Lighting St Maurs GAA/Palmer Rd 1

18:15 Feb 06, 2013

This Area is now covered with dangerous potholes and is becoming dangerous to drive along as there is no lighting. Children are walking to St Maurs Gaa...

1 Woodland Park, Rush, Co. Dublin

Large pothole 4

16:48 Feb 06, 2013

Large pothole on the R162 at Lisnabo, Kingscourt, Co Meath about 1 mile from the Cavan Border and 1/2 a mile from the Gypsum plant. The pothole is in...

R162 Lisnabo, Kingscourt, Co Meath

Insufficient lighting 0

15:23 Feb 06, 2013

There were several incidents of smashed car windows on Hazelbrook Road. These incidents took place late on a Saturday night. We feel that if the lighting...

Hazelbrook Road, Dublin 6w


Drain / sewage blockage 1

15:20 Feb 06, 2013

Very bad smells coming from our driveway, where all the sewage passes for the street. This has happened before also. Needs unblocking. Rossberry avenue...

Rossberry avenue, lucan, co dublin

Rubbish on Hazelbrook Road 1

15:18 Feb 06, 2013

Continuously rubbish is left on the part of Hazelbrook Road that adjoins Terenure Road West - known locally as little Hazelbrook.

Hazelbrook Road

Road surface almost gone 1

15:02 Feb 06, 2013

From the intersection with the R168, along the unlarked road through Drummond gate for about 700m, the road has deteriorated to such an extent that much...

Carrickaneane/Coolfore, Monasterboice, Co. Louth

Dumping of worn tyres in Clondalkin 2

14:45 Feb 06, 2013

Approx 20 worn tyres have been dumped in Oakfield car park, opposite the Clondalkin Towers Hotel on the Ninth Lock Road in Clondalkin. This is a recurring...

Clondalkin Dublin 22

Potholes 1

14:20 Feb 06, 2013

Hello, my house is 26 primrose street, dublin 7. At the intersection of wellington street and primrose street, dublin 7, is a stop sign on the road. There...