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Graffiti on ESB box opposite Superquinn Rathgar 2

12:17 Aug 28, 2012

Graffiti on ESB box opposite Superquinn Rathgar



lighting pole not lighting 1

11:39 Aug 28, 2012

lighting pole no 3 on Beechdale Crescent, Ballycullen, Firhouse is not working

beechdale crescent


Drainage 2

11:27 Aug 28, 2012

The storm drain is flowing into the back garden of 79 cill cais and the waste pipes are already overflowing.

Cill Cais, Tallaght

Water leak 2

10:35 Aug 28, 2012

The overflow pipe at no 35 Palmerstown Green is spouting out good clean water for months now a real waste of good money.

Palmerstown Green

Uncut Grass Verges 2

10:11 Aug 28, 2012

Uncut badly overgrown Grass Verges

Adamstown Avenue, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Wheelie Bins Dumped on green area 2

10:05 Aug 28, 2012

There are currently 3 full wheelie bins that have been dumped on the green are between rossfield gardens, green and crescent. I have already rang the...

rossfield green

Large area at Gort Roundabout 3

09:50 Aug 28, 2012

The large green area opposite the roundabout and the narrow strip are overgrown again, the roundabout is cut but the other bits are left, it is resembling...


Unsightly Weeds on Church Street gort 1

09:49 Aug 28, 2012

Grass and Weeds growing both sides of the street on Church Street in Gort


poster left on pole 2

09:05 Aug 28, 2012

There is a large poster attached to a pole at the end of Kiltalown Road. Please can this be removed by the council? Thanks.

Kiltalown Road

Overgrown trees in firhouse 2

21:23 Aug 27, 2012

The trees in the field beside Carrigwood are overgrown and need to be cut back. They stop light coming into the north facing gardens at 3 pm. Please can...

carrigwood firhouse dublin 24

Highly overgrown grass & weeds on road & pavment 1

16:55 Aug 27, 2012

The street is overgrowing with weeds, grass and nettles which are growing directly from the pavement and street. It looks awfull & is extremely badly...

35 Shancastle Lawns, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Illegal Dumping at Grangeview 9

15:38 Aug 27, 2012

I would like you to help us with some litter in our estate. Somebody dumped 4 black bags all along Grangeview Way. I am afraid,that all of that the bags...

Grangeview, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Tree at Elmcastle, Kilnamanagh 2

15:37 Aug 27, 2012

There is a huge branch of a tree partially down on the path and road on elmcastle drive kilnamanagh dublin 24. This needs urgent attention. This is a...

Elmcastle Drive, Kilnamanagh

Street Light on Stocking Lane 2

15:35 Aug 27, 2012

I wish to report light on Pole 30 not yet repaired. It is on a dangerous corner. This is my fifth report. At least acknowledge, please

Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham


Litter and Dumping at Sundale Close 2

15:33 Aug 27, 2012

There is a boarded up house @ 1 Sundale Close. Some individuals are using the property for dumping and littering. The front garden and path outside is...

1 Sundale Close, Tallaght

Posters 3

11:23 Aug 27, 2012

Please ask litter warden to inspect advertising posters situated on poles (1)traffic light junction old Lucan Rd./outer ring road Lucan, (2) N4 Lucan/Outer...

Lucan, Co. Dublin

ESB Substation @ Beechfield Court / Beechfield Road 2

11:01 Aug 27, 2012

Hi Folks, would it be possible to remove the graffiti from the sub station at the bollard exit from Beechfield Court. Some of this is rather obscene and...

79 Beechfield Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12


Lane @ rear of Beechfield Road (Ashleaf SC). 2

10:52 Aug 27, 2012

Hi Folks, there has been a bicycle, black rubbish sacks, paint pots and various other items dumped in the junction of the lane. This area is becoming...

79 Beechfield Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. At the rear of The Ashleaf Shopping Centre.

Grass Cutting 2

10:42 Aug 27, 2012

Uncut Grass Verges both sides Adamstown Avenue. Bushes encroaching on footpath on south side of Adamstown Avenue.

Adamstown Avenue, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Trees in Grange Downs Estate 2

10:28 Aug 27, 2012

The trees in Grange Downs, Rathfarnham are very badly overgrown and recently the bin trucks coming into the estate have damaged some of them resulting...

Grange Downs, Rathfarnham