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Major litter dump in Tymon Park 2

16:31 Jul 16, 2013

Please see the attached view of major litter dump in the Tymon Park in the location indicated

Tymon Park, -634722, 53.30227

Over Grown Grass 1

16:29 Jul 16, 2013

Water park is compleately overgrown. park next to my house has grass and weeds 3-4ft high. Rats in back gardens. Houses and cars broken into and the...

Belgard Heights

water overflow sluice valve in mill lane 2

16:08 Jul 16, 2013

thiere is water now flowing the lane - the sluice valve is full of rubbish and now is blocked and overflowing, this is at the back entrance to clondalkin...

Mill Lane, nangor road clondalkin

Local Road in Coolartragh 2

15:24 Jul 16, 2013

Local Road L-75021-0 is badly in need of repair. There are a number of pot holes and the road around the bog area is badly sunk and raised in the middle....


Summerhill Ct, D1. Reported from to 1

15:21 Jul 16, 2013

See photo. A half days worth says the submitter - must be bags coiming out of the complex once every hour

photo 3.JPG

overgrown area with rubbish dumped 3

14:43 Jul 16, 2013

Planting done by SDCC is now overgrown and hanging onto the path in a dangerous way in some places, there are thorns on the plants which also pose a danger...


Illegal dumping 1

14:26 Jul 16, 2013

On the Ballinascorney Road, past the turn for Bohernabreena Road (on left) and heading for the Reservoir... on the left side of the road, there's a derelict...

Ballinascorney Road, Tallaght

Broken street lights 2

13:38 Jul 16, 2013

4 broken street lights on Edenderry link road before entrance into Templemills, Rathangan, co Kildare, coming in from the main Rathangan/Bracknagh road.



Illegally dumped skip bag 3

12:05 Jul 16, 2013

Some one has dumped a full skip bag at this location (its one of the yellow skip bags). The contents have started to spill out and make the area quite...

Green area between 45 and 46 Moyville

Church St,D7. Reported from to 1

11:10 Jul 16, 2013

See photo. Here since last week. Starting to burst open now

Church St,D7.jpg

Western Way D7. Reported from to 1

11:08 Jul 16, 2013

See photo. Lots more litter os western way itself and also nearby Auburn St

Western Way D7.jpg

North great Charles st, D1. Reported from to 1

11:06 Jul 16, 2013

See photo. Rogue landlord & out of control tenant dumping. Doorway pretty much blocked!

North great Charles st, D1.JPG

Bushes overhang road 1

10:30 Jul 16, 2013

Along part of Cookstown Road, Tallaght the boundary wall (see map) is also the back garden wall of 6 or 7 houses on The Oaks, Belgard Heights. Hedges...


Damadged kerb 1

08:51 Jul 16, 2013

Very badly damadged kerb leading onto Knocklyon Park from Woodstown Green

woodstown Green, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Eat infestation burrow beach sutton 1

08:35 Jul 16, 2013

Behind no567 burrow road on the beach side is a big area of briars which us now a haven for rats Briars should be removed to allow natural sand dunes...

Burrow beach sutton

Abandoned Car 1

23:32 Jul 15, 2013

A silver car 95C18222 has been parked on the footpath for over six months outside our house. There is no tax or nct cert on the window just an insurance...

1-15 Trabeg Avenue, Cork, Ireland

Illegal sign / flyposting problem on Foyle Road 1

23:31 Jul 15, 2013

Illegal sign advertising creche attached to road sign at entrance to foyle rd just off philipsburg ave, Dub 3.

44-46 Foyle Road, Dublin, Ireland