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graffiti patch on grand parade 1

14:27 May 16, 2013

graffiti patch on grand parade D6, near Leeson St bridge - see photo.

grand parade, dublin. near Leeson St bridge


graffiti on Charlemont St 1

14:24 May 16, 2013

graffiti on Charlemont St near The Barge & back of Charlemont Clinic

charlemont street, dublin


Damaged footpatch - badly sunk and cracked 2

11:42 May 16, 2013

Further to report (Sept. 2012), a soakaway has been installed this week to help with the drainage problem (concrete...

Woodlawn Park/Grove Firhouse

Arson debris and littering 4

11:20 May 16, 2013

There is a mess of burnt out bins and contents, smashed glass etc. on the tarmac laneway linking Woodlawn Park Avenue to Woodlawn Park Grove (Gardai were...

Firhouse - laneway linking Woodlawn Park Ave. and Woodlawn Park Grove

Potholes x2. 3

11:01 May 16, 2013

The L5056 Rd which runs off the Kentstown Rd R150 has developed 2 ever growing potholes which are daily hit by cars and this road is also used by cyclists...

R150, Co. Meath, Ireland

Dumped rubbish at Lucky Lane 1

11:01 May 16, 2013

Dumped rubbish for nearly 1 week

Dumped rubbish at Lucky Lane

Low Water Pressure 2

09:33 May 16, 2013

The water pressure in Prospect Court, Prospect Manor Rarthfarnham is very low. Kitchen tab pressure is low and therefore attic tank is not filling to...

Prospect Court, Prospect Manor, Rathfarnham

Faulty Traffic Light 4

09:26 May 16, 2013

Traffic Lights outside entrance to priory Court in watergrasshill, Co Cork are not activating when button pressed to cross road. This is the crossing...

Traffic Lights outside Priort Court, watergrasshill

Illegal Dumping 3

09:26 May 16, 2013

Lanes in Palmerstown behind Wheatfield road lots of household rubbish dumped -- additional rubbish added over night

Lane way behind Wheatfield Rd, Palmerstown, D20

Rubbish in ditch at junction of lights on Nangor Road and Ninth Lock Roads, Clondalkin 6

09:23 May 16, 2013

Can SDCC arrange to remove rubbish / litter dumped in ditch as you turn left at traffic lights coming from Clondalkin village and going onto New Nangor...

Junction of Nangor and Ninth Lock Roads

Illegal dumping 3

08:59 May 16, 2013

Refuse dumped on ide of road. Bohernabreena Road. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Dumping burning incident Firhouse 2

07:58 May 16, 2013

Approx. 2 bags household waste / nappy waste dumped and burned on pedestrian laneway between Firhouse Rd and Woodlawn Pk Grove. Busy school route and...

Woodlawn Park Drive / Woodlawn Park Grove

Large Potholes 1

00:19 May 16, 2013

Large Potholes around the roundabout. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


dumping 1

23:44 May 15, 2013

someone gas dumped bags of garden waste on the entrance to the 8 acre park on white hall road west. This happened regularly last year. Can you do any...


rubbish 2

22:35 May 15, 2013

bags and a mattress have been left in the lane on st finbarrs close in greenhills. They were taken from a skip in the lane today.


Pot holes at glencorrib co mayo 1

19:30 May 15, 2013

V. Bad pot holes on road at Glencorrib 100mts from hall Ballinrobe side

Cross to headford

Knocklyon Road / Knockullen Rise Junction 4

17:41 May 15, 2013

Due to growth on verges, including trees, on Knocklyon Road on both sides of the junction with Knockcullen Road the line of sight is greatly reduced....

Junction Knocklyon Road and Knockcullen Rise

Cycle lane cleaning. 1

15:28 May 15, 2013

Hello, Can somebody please clean the glass from the cycle lane on the Ongar distributor Road, Dublin 15, Co. Dublin. There is alot of glass on if from...

Ongar Distributor Road, Dublin, Co. Dublin