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Potholes numerous 1

22:23 May 28, 2013

There are potholes on both sides of Rahoon road which are completely un avoidable as the road is so narrow. Not very nice for anyone's car!

Rahoon Road, Galway

North Frederick St, D1. Reported from to 1

20:29 May 28, 2013

See photo. one binbag beside litter bin, the other up the road a bit in front of the Arabic shop


Street light not working 1

20:20 May 28, 2013

The first street light on Prospect Heath, between the entrances to no. 1 and no 2, is not working.

Prospect Heath,Dublin 16


Street light 1

19:49 May 28, 2013

Please repair street light outside no 1 glenrichards cove, pouleshone,co Wexford ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...



Shopping trolley in cairnwood court 2

19:20 May 28, 2013

Can you please get someone to remove the shopping trolley in cairnwood court it's on the green at the moment. This is going to cause an accident as children...

Cairnwood court

Tree needs repaired 1

19:15 May 28, 2013

Tree outside house no 48/50 Donaghmede Road, Dublin 13 needs pruning as soon as possible as a number of branches are handing off.

Donaghmede Road, Dublin 13

Street Light 1

19:04 May 28, 2013

The bulb is gone in post no. 4 outside 2 Blackwood Place, Ongar Chase, Dublin 15. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...



Street light 1

18:59 May 28, 2013

Please repair street light no 4 on Blackwood place, Ongar chase, Dublin 15. Outside house no 1 / 2 ---- This report was originally submitted at



Crumbling foot path 4

18:14 May 28, 2013

Hi, There's a footpath that is crumbling. It runs along the car park right by the Catholic Church. I've seen many a person stumble over it and it's just...


Illegal advertising on Monastery Road, Clondalkin 2

17:20 May 28, 2013

There are a number of illegal advertising signs on roundabouts between Red Cow Luas carpark and Monastery Road/Woodford Hill in Clondalkin village. They...

Monastery Road (IBIS Roundabout) & Luas Red Cow roundabout, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Grass requires cutting along Royal Canal 1

15:29 May 28, 2013

Having spent a considerable amount of money to improve the area and attract international conferences, it is a shame that the grass has been allowed to...


bags 2

13:09 May 28, 2013

Some one has dumped bags of waste on the path in the new green area beside Dargle wood.


Dumping 2

12:55 May 28, 2013

There is now a large electrical item ( dimension 4ft X 2ft - possibly a part of a TV) dumped in the lane to the rear of 91 Palmerstown Avenue. Please...


Litter in Lanes 3

11:29 May 28, 2013

The lane at the bottom of Oakcourt Drive is being used as a dumping ground there is a lot of domestic rubbish being dumped here, yesterday evening there...

Oak Court Drive, Palmerstown, Dublin 20

Oakcourt Avenue Palmerstown D20 2

10:25 May 28, 2013

Could the bins on Oakcourt Avenue outside the school be empty please they are over flowing.

oakcourt avenue palmerstown