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Poor road surface at junction of South Circular Road and Brookfield Road 1

16:25 Aug 03, 2011

The road surface at this juntion has deteriorated badly, and offers poor road grip for motorists in wet condtions, as the road way continues to degrade...

South Circular Road and Brookfield Road, after James Hospital entrance

Poor road surface and lack of clear road markings 1

16:20 Aug 03, 2011

The South Circular Road running through Kilmainham is in poor condition after many excavations and patch repairs. Many road markings are badly faded,...

South Circular Road Kilmainham Village

Faded Road Markings at Guiness Brewery on James Street 1

16:16 Aug 03, 2011

The road markings are almost completely faded at the Guiness Brewery along that stretch of James Street.

James Street at Guiness Brewery

Poorly maintained road surfaces 1

16:13 Aug 03, 2011

The road surfaces are poorly maintianed at the junction of Westland Row and Fenian Street behing Trinity College. The road is uneven and lacking in any...

Westland Row and Fenian Street

Union Road to Shanakill, to Ballylaneen/Kill/Bonmahon Junction Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford 2

16:11 Aug 03, 2011

Surface is serverly damaged in place with pot holes almost 1m in diameter in places & the road substructure is subsiding, this is an R class route but...

union road, Kilmacthomas

dumpimg 1

16:10 Aug 03, 2011

hi i live on a connor there is a large green area at the side of the house people do dump on it but i would like to see if you could take down the over...

dublin, ireland

Poor road surface 1

16:09 Aug 03, 2011

The road surface at Adelaide Road at the Eyeand Ear hospital in in poor condition and the pedestrian crossing outside the hospital needs road markings...

Adelaide Road at Eye and Ear Hospital

holes in the road 1

16:09 Aug 03, 2011

road surface tarmac very unever

park ave

Graffiti Blackrock 2

16:06 Aug 03, 2011

I would like to report some graffiti in black rock village. It is situated on a temporary white and red wall on Temple Road. Althought I said the wall...

Across from Quatum House. On Temple Road, Blackroad, Co.dublin


Absence of Road Markings at junction of Nassau Street and Clare Street 1

16:05 Aug 03, 2011

Road markings are in need of re-instatement at the junction of Nassau Street in front of the National Gallery of Ireland. One pedestrian crossing has...

Junction of Nassau Street at National Gallery

Pothole on Navan Rd 1

16:04 Aug 03, 2011

Deep pothole just past pedestrian traffic lights outside church on the Navan Rd (approx 10 yards beyond lights and 4 yards from footpath).

Navan Rd

Pedestrian crossing in need of repair at Holles Street and Merrion Square junction 1

15:58 Aug 03, 2011

The road surface has had some ad hoc repairs which leave the pedestrian crossing uneven, and presents trip hazards. There are also no stop lines or pedestrian...

Corner of Holles Street and Merrion Square

Uneven and poorly marked road surface at 1

15:54 Aug 03, 2011

The road surface is terribly uneven and lacking in lane markings outside Kevin Street Garda station, just after St. Patricks Close at the junction with...

Between St. Patricks Close and Bride Street

Collapsed Roadway at Cuffe Street 1

15:50 Aug 03, 2011

The roadway at Cuffe Street en route to Kevin Street DIT is collapsed and uneven, including parts of the cycle lane.

Cuffe Street/Kevin Street

Poor Road Surface and Poor Road Markings 1

15:47 Aug 03, 2011

The road the junction of Clanwillian Place and Northumberland Road, to the junction of Pembroke Road is a poor uneven surface. Centre road markings (a...

Northunberland Road to Pembroke Road

illegal dumping report 1

15:46 Aug 03, 2011

Please be advised that during the night of 2/3rd. Aug.2011 the following were illegally dumped outside our premises:- 10 No truck tyres 1 No mattress

Units C&D JFK Drive,Bluebell,Dublin 12

Absent Road Markings 1

15:43 Aug 03, 2011

Stop lines and pedestrian crossing markings are all absent at the junction of Fitzwillian Street and Lower Baggot Street.

junction of Fitzwillian Street and Lower Baggot Street

Pedestrian crossings Dawson Street 1

15:38 Aug 03, 2011

Stop lines and pedestrian crossing markings are absent from the junction of Dawson Street and Stephens Green. yet they are marked on the nearby Kildare...

Dawson Street juntion with St. Stephens Green

Missing Road Markings 1

15:34 Aug 03, 2011

Bus lane markings on Harolds Cross Road at Harolds Cross Park have vanished.

Harolds Cross Road

Poor Road Surface Lower Mount Street 1

15:33 Aug 03, 2011

The entire length of Lower Mount Street is a shockingly poor uneven, broken surface, with dropped manholes, cracked sections, susidence, and ineffective...

Lower Mount Street