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Street drainage at (null) 1

22:22 May 10, 2013

When it rains my driveway is flooded. No drainage. If I put down sand bags the whole road will be flooded and possibly impassable. It costs me €300 every...

Street drainage at (null)

Light top has broken off 4

22:02 May 10, 2013

Dangerously hanging loose streetlight

Alleyway beside Dungarvan library


Damaged Path 2

20:20 May 10, 2013

The path is damaged between 21 & 22 Cul na Greine, Old Bawn Dublin 24. I think it is the from the Roots of the Tree. We have elderly neighbours, some...


Bus lane traffic lights stuck on red 1

20:00 May 10, 2013

The traffic lights near the end of the bus lane leaving Lucan heading for the N4 don't pick up waiting cyclists. I waited for over 5 minutes to see if...

Junction of R136 and R835, Lucan

Dumping 1

19:30 May 10, 2013

Dumping of food waste This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Dangerous hole in road 1

18:50 May 10, 2013

The Tarmac around a manhole has crumbled away & there is a deep hole around the iron cover which is very dangerous for cyclists! Can this please be filled?...


Road Flooded 10

18:10 May 10, 2013

Road flooded on bend in kiltullagh. At the juntion for attymon/ballinasloe just outside Duanes shop. This report was originally submitted at


Illegal dumping 2

16:20 May 10, 2013

Early april, bags (including two heavy items) were dumped in two gateways (to house and field). This report was originally submitted at


Clear Way 2

15:43 May 10, 2013

The Junction of Shelton Drive and Shelton Grove was recently resurfaced. Prior to this resurfacing there was a clear way to access Shelton Grove as the...

shelton drive dublin

Wellington st upper. Reported from to 1

14:41 May 10, 2013

See photo. Tagged but not collected, and now burst open etc

Wellington st upper.jpg

West Road, East Wall. Reported from to 1

14:37 May 10, 2013

See photo. Submitter says there is daily dumping on this junction

West Road, East Wall.jpg

Grafitti 20

14:19 May 10, 2013

grafitt on the phonebox outside the courthouse in gort, grafitti on the esb box in canon quinn park also, if this was painted in non grafitti paint it...



Long Lane 1. Reported from to 1

13:39 May 10, 2013

See photo. dumped bags - Corpo bags ironically

Long Lane 1.jpg

Potholes 1

12:50 May 10, 2013

Series of dangerous potholes on both sides of the road This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


24 Oakley road D6. Reported from to 1

12:44 May 10, 2013

See photo. Bins seems to be abandoned - always left on the street and always over flowing

24 Oakley road D6.JPG