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broken path 1

15:28 Sep 10, 2013

Broken path outside 83 Balally Park D.16 which is dangerous to disabled resident. This has been reported a number of times and if not repaired will result...

83 Balally Park, Dublin16

Tree pruning needed - side of health centre 2

14:42 Sep 10, 2013

The trees on the path to the side of the health centre in clondalkin are hanging down low, making it impossible to use the path. They need to be pruned.

Health Centre, Clondalkin

Broken glass and illegal dumping 3

14:40 Sep 10, 2013

Cul de sac area to the rear of Kilwarden Court (end of commons road/St Johns) is covered in broken glass and there are two illiegally dumped rubbish bags.


Cloonainra 2

12:58 Sep 10, 2013

Potholes on road in Cloonainra Swinford. Road surface is very bad. Potholes were filled in Feb 13 but the road needs attention again.


Broken glass 2

12:55 Sep 10, 2013

There is a large amount of broken glass in the Dodder Linear Park, opposite Firhouse Community College. Go across the playing field to the lower field,...


Blessington St near the Basin Gates, D7. Reported from to 1

11:05 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. Blessington St near the Basin Gates, D7 - Sep 10 2013


Blessington St near the Basin Gates, D7. Reported from to 1

11:05 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. Blessington St near the Basin Gates, D7 - Sep 10 2013


Parnell St, D1. Reported from to 1

10:58 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. dumping outside their own front door! Common occurence - could we request that the Warden has a word with the residents of this building,...


Frederick St Nth, D1 . Reported from to 1

10:43 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. dumped bags & badly littered from those bags. This happens every week - bags left there indefinitely & then splitting open

Frederick St Nth, D1 .jpg

Roads in need of repair at Nugents bend, Kilferagh cross 2

10:42 Sep 10, 2013

Road and potholes needs to be filled with tar, road was dug up due to road works and has never been fixed properly. potholes and surface of road needs...

Kilkee road adjacent to Nugents Bend

Leaks 1

10:40 Sep 10, 2013

Hello, would like to report two water meters at Cahills Corner on junction Newcastle Road/St Mary's Road/Shantalla Road/Henry Street.Galway They are...


road verge broken up and could cause punctures 2

10:37 Sep 10, 2013

the road verge outside Conways house on Doonaha Road is seriously detiorated and cars pulling in could get punctured - needs to be filled with tar

doonaha road, Kilkee

Parnell St Bike Station, D1. Reported from to 1

10:36 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. The dog is interested & he's not the only animal to have a go


New St Gdns, D8. Reported from to 1

10:33 Sep 10, 2013

See photo. Big pile of all sorts: furniture, binbags, god knows what

New St Gdns, D8.jpg

street light needs to be replaced 1

10:11 Sep 10, 2013

Pole number CT824 was removed several years ago due to storm damage, but the light was never replaced

Rush, south shore rd, by entrance to beach