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NCR, D1. Reported from to 1

23:45 Jun 24, 2013

See photo. Huge pile by burnt tree - just awaiting another fire


Stop sign facing wrong way 1

23:24 Jun 24, 2013

The stop sign has been turned to face Dundrum Rd. It should be facing Columbanus Road. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...


Dump site beside Pub 2

22:57 Jun 24, 2013

Former Texaco Garage, site now overgrown and used as a dump site. Located right beside The Laurence Lounge Pub/St Laurences Court Apartments on the Lower...


Speed ramps 1

21:28 Jun 24, 2013

The ramps on mourne road are falling apart and need replacement


road pot holes at traffic lights 1

19:25 Jun 24, 2013

holes in road where elderely people cross each day for mass.

t lights opp church at Marian road

control box half painted 1

19:22 Jun 24, 2013

grafitti on control box at traffic lights only painted out at front of box.

at traffic lights opp church on Marian road


Local stream filled and five pipes added to run effluent into it 3

18:15 Jun 24, 2013

The stream has been filled in illegally, but not before drainage ducting has been added to it in 5 places, possibly marking out 5 bays for makeshift accommodation....

Old Naas Road, opposite crèche at Citywest. Links creche.

Very, very long grass 2

16:32 Jun 24, 2013

The grass at the end of Maplewood Avenue & Maplewood Park is very overgrown. Hasn't been cut since last year.


Graffiti Temple Manor Way 1

15:37 Jun 24, 2013

There is a lot of new graffiti on the wals around the small green area at the bottom of tTemple Manor Way, Dublin,12.

Temple Manor Way, Walkinstown


llegal dumping rubbish 3

15:11 Jun 24, 2013

There is a bag with zipper with curtains and a small kitchen sized bin full of rubbish dumped by someone on the stretched of road leading into the area...


Grass needs Cutting 1

15:10 Jun 24, 2013

The Windmill estate, Kelly's Bay in Skerries need the first cut off grass for the year.We as an estate look after the rest of the year.


Speed ramps surface breaking apart in Bramblefield Drive 1

14:30 Jun 24, 2013

Hi folks There are a series of red surfaced speed ramps in Bramblefield drive heading towards Archers Wood. The surface of these is breaking down and...

Bramblefield Drive

Filling in River/Stream 2

14:28 Jun 24, 2013

New owners have covered in the stream which is putting all at danger of flooding. The have said that it is their stream and will do what they want.

Old Naas Road, Kingswood Village

Rubbished dumped 2

14:05 Jun 24, 2013

Over a week ago a number of black bags of rubbish along with a large pile of cardboard was dumped in the ditch in the Glen Vale cul-de-sac in Lucan....


Illegal Signage 3

11:58 Jun 24, 2013

Cash for Cars advertising. Junction of Longmile Road with N7 Naas Road. Someone has affixed a large sticker advertising cash for cars to a "directional...

Junction of Longmile Road with N7 Naas Road

Illegal Signage 4

11:52 Jun 24, 2013

A reoccurring event - Cash for Cars advertising on public railings.

L1030 / L1011 cross roads with the newcastle road.

Illegal Signage 4

11:51 Jun 24, 2013

Cash for Cars advertising (stickers attached to back of signs) affixed to public signage at roundabout on Newcastle road (R120/Esker Drive - outside of...

Signage at roundabout on Newcastle road (R120/Esker Drive - outside of superquinn car park)