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Donore Ave, D8. Reported from to 1

21:32 Nov 10, 2013

See photo. Large pile blocking the footpath, right undder the No Dumping sign of course.


Blessington Court Square, D7. Reported from to 1

21:28 Nov 10, 2013

See photo. Big big of MEAT - dumped from a restaurant - apparently there are a number of fast food places & similar commercial who are now dumping their...

Blessington Court Square, D7.jpg

Litter 1

19:48 Nov 10, 2013

Litter, in Shancastle Estate

quarryvale clondalkin

East Wall Rd & West Rd, D3. Reported from to 1

18:40 Nov 10, 2013

See photo. Look at the amount of stuff ! The dumpers have outdone themselves. Sometimes one would despair and think that they have won the war

East Wall Rd & West Rd, D3.JPG

Dominic St, D1. Reported from to 1

18:34 Nov 10, 2013

See photo. This street is normally not too bad but the while, seems to have take a serious turn for the worse. MAybe the LUAS road works are affecting...


Upper Dominick St, D7. Reported from to 1

18:09 Nov 10, 2013

See photo. Dominic St in bits at the moment - getting submissions from 3 or 4 different people

Upper Dominick St, D7.JPG

Faulty street lamp 1

17:10 Nov 10, 2013

This street lamp seems to work only intermittently. It comes on initially when all the street lamps are switched on but then goes off after a short time...



Dog fouling 1

13:26 Nov 10, 2013

serious amounts of dog fouling on rowanville road (paths) in Kildare town. never see any members of KCC cleaning in and around the town, or up to Rowanville...


Street light 1

11:20 Nov 10, 2013

Street lights outside bolands hardware are out Lp05 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...



Bins overflowing resulting in rats 2

09:48 Nov 10, 2013

Plague of rats not being addressed because of bins overflowing in Hansfield


trees 2

01:50 Nov 10, 2013

the tree outside house number 1 woodford court clondalkin is totally blocking the street light, the light pole is actually in the middle of the tree...

woodford court clondalkin

finish layer 1

22:17 Nov 09, 2013

once again the residents assoc. parkwood estate old bawn rd tallaght put in writing another request for the council to sometime address the fact that...

Tallaght parkwood rd old bawn

bonfire debris 2

22:04 Nov 09, 2013

can the bonfire remains be cleared up in dodder valley park old bawn rd just down from stone wall on old bawn rd at pedestrian enterance opposite ahearnes...


rubbish dumped 2

22:00 Nov 09, 2013

rubbish 3 black bags and a sleeping bag have been thrown up on the bushes on the back wall of the green area at the enterance to the Aylesbury estate...


uneven path 2

20:43 Nov 09, 2013

The path outside nos 7/8 woodland park drive ,firhouse, Dublin 24 is uneven and people regularly trip up on it.please fix it