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Unsightly signage/litter? 2

13:08 Feb 28, 2013

Unsightly signage on approach to Belmullet town and in Bemullet town advertising a chip van that visits the area twice a week. Initially the signage was...


Rubbish on grand canal cycle and walk track 3

12:59 Feb 28, 2013

The bins along the above track have been overflowing for some time and rubbish is not strewn in the vicinity of the them ---- This report was originally...


Road surface 1

12:49 Feb 28, 2013

Perfect road surface dug up to facilitate servies (gas/electric/water etc) to access to newly refurbished house. One lane (northbound) is crossed by a...


Bad potholes 2

12:24 Feb 28, 2013

Ellistronbeg road to Tullyduff very bad potholes. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Street Light cutting out 1

12:16 Feb 28, 2013

The street light in front of 55/56 Carysfort Park, Blackrock has been flashing on and off (sometimes cutting out completely for a while) for the past...

55/56 Carysfort Park, Blackrock.


Litter 2

11:59 Feb 28, 2013

There are a number of items such as shopping trollies & wheelie bins in the BroadMeadow estuary. There is also alot of litter all along the Lissenhall...

Lissenhall Green, Broadmeadow Estuary Malahide

Serious Dog litter issue in the Rahoon area 1

11:57 Feb 28, 2013

There is a serious issue with dog litter on footpaths in the Rahoon area - it would be impossible to report all of them. When will something be done...

Rahoon/Knocknacarra Area

Dog litter on footpath 1

11:47 Feb 28, 2013

Dog litter on footpath

Rahoon Road

Dunmurry Road Litter 2

11:29 Feb 28, 2013

Lots of litter gathered over weeks at the bridge on Dunmurry Road and around the corner to Fairgreen Road. . general area in a very poor state also open...


Litter -Fingal 2

11:29 Feb 28, 2013

I live in Littlepace and in September I reported the bad Litter in my area I saw two fingal workers in their van sitting looking at the area I reported...


Severe and multiple potholes on inch road, Whitegate, co. cork 1

11:14 Feb 28, 2013

Large deep series of potholes spreading across entire road at last crossroads by bridge before inch beach Whitegate, co. cork. Also three large deep...

Inch, Whitegate, co. cork

Parked cars obstructing Cycle lanes and Road at Griffeen Rd Lucan at Lucan Leisure Centre 2

11:14 Feb 28, 2013

I reported the issue below on 26 Feb, but it has been Closed and it says see comment, but there is no comment and the issues has not been resolved? The...

8-34 O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Littering at Summerhill 1

11:13 Feb 28, 2013

I walk by here every morning. Most mornings there is rubbish dumped

Littering at Summerhill

Street cleaning at Belcamp Lane 2

11:13 Feb 28, 2013

Illegal dumping of house hold and other items on regular bases at Belcamp Lane

Street cleaning at Belcamp Lane

Road Pothole 1

10:27 Feb 28, 2013

Road pothole growing in size by the day, danger to cyclists. Located at the roundabout beside the Carpenter pub.

Carpenterstown road, D15

Severe and multiple potholes 0

10:24 Feb 28, 2013

Sir /Madam the sub base of this road is wearing away never mind the top layer which is now non existant as can be seen from the attached photos.A blob...


Street Lighting not working 1

10:21 Feb 28, 2013

Street Lighting not working in Burnell Park Avenue, Carpenterstown Dublin 15. The affected street lights are located alongside house numbers 2 to 40 on...

Burnell Park Avenue, Carpenterstown D15.


Street Light - Rathfarnham 1

09:51 Feb 28, 2013

Street lighting broken on Anne Devlin end of Washington Lane (off Butterfield Ave, Rathfarnham) for approximately a week. Please fix - its like the Emergency.



rubish all along st.cuthbert's road 2

09:41 Feb 28, 2013

Good morning, There are a few white bags full of rubish all along st.cuthbert's road. I saw some rats again today in the morning getting some food of...

St Cuthberts Rd Dublin, Co. Dublin

Tree pruning 4

09:26 Feb 28, 2013

Tree outside 82 cypress grove road needs to be severly pruned as it is interfering with the lighting from an ESB pole. Please could this be done urgently....

82 cypress grove road. templelogue dublin 6