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dirty waste from guttering 2

21:29 Jun 28, 2013

correction on previous address - apologies. it's on the corner with swiftbrook drive.

32 Swiftbrook avenue

illegal dumping 2

21:27 Jun 28, 2013

the residents of this address collect up to 7 black bin bags a week in their front garden - which is then loaded into their van & desposited at an unknown...

30 swiftbrook avenue

dirty waste from guttering 1

21:25 Jun 28, 2013

could you see what can be done about the dirty water sludge that is constantly coming off the roof the of the house and spilling on the foot path causing...

32 swiftbrook drive

abandonded car 2

21:13 Jun 28, 2013

a seat cordoba with a 03 D reg has been left abandoned/dumped in Swiftbrook Drive for over a year now. It's parked on the roadside outside causing problems...

outside 20-22 Swiftbrook Drive

Overgrown hedge, Kiltipper Road 1

20:21 Jun 28, 2013

Can something be done about an overgrown hedge on the Kiltipper Road.The road is narrow as it is for the volume of traffic on it and this hedge only makes...

Kiltipper Road, Dublin, Ireland

Illegal dumping 2

18:16 Jun 28, 2013

Domestic refuse dumped at green at corner of Sundale Ave/ Close, Tallaght


Hidden speed limit sign 1

15:44 Jun 28, 2013

Am very keen tjaty people drive within speed limits. However when they exit the roundabout they do not se the sign, tucked in on lhs unders some hedges....


Drainage Blocked 1

15:04 Jun 28, 2013

Houses from approx 81 to 89 Galtymore Road, Drimnagh are experiencing a sewage blockage at the back of their homes. No 87 is a council house. Not sure...


Dean st, D8. Reported from to 0

14:33 Jun 28, 2013

See photo. Huge bags, one with a tag and 2 without. There for 2 or 3 days

Dean st, D8.jpg

Summerhill Pde,Shop&FastFood area,D1. Reported from to 1

14:31 Jun 28, 2013

See photo. These are tagged and legit & greyhound shoudl have picked them up. From submitter: "Tagged bags at the the top of Summerhill Parade shop and...

Summerhill Pde,Shop&FastFood area,D1.jpg

Posters 2

13:53 Jun 28, 2013

Why are the advertising posters still in place which was reported to Fix your street weeks ago, With these reports it was stated as Lucan is very much...

Dublin, Lucan

Broken or over-flowing Bins at Kilcronan Avenue 2

13:00 Jun 28, 2013

Overflowing bins and glass on cycle lane along canal

Broken or over-flowing Bins at Kilcronan Avenue

Road or pavement obstruction at Belcamp Crescent 1

12:59 Jun 28, 2013

A lot of car tyres are going to be set on fire over the weekend please help

Road or pavement obstruction at Belcamp Crescent

Skip Bag at 30 Ballyboden Crescent 2

12:47 Jun 28, 2013

30 Ballyboden Crescent has had a skip bag in the front garden for several months now. It now includes bags of domestic and garden waste.

30 Ballyboden Crescent, Rathfarnham, D14

Dangerous advertising at M50 junction 2

11:10 Jun 28, 2013

Illegal (and dangerous) advertising at the junction of Turnpike Road / Naas Road / M50. An advert is covering the road sign at this junction.

Junction Turnpike Road/Naas Road/M50

Guileen/Gyleen Co.Cork 2

09:19 Jun 28, 2013

The road between the cross roads and Guileen Village (1/2 mile stretch) has numerous deep potholes. The potential for injury or damage to property is...


Missing services cover 1

21:11 Jun 27, 2013

There is a services hole on the pavement outside 9 Seabury Heights that does not have a cover and is a trip hazard.