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Bin full and overflowing main street loughrea 0

21:03 Dec 23, 2012

2nd report: - bins outside news and choose and supermacs overflowing again The Town council don't care and it looks as though the shops in town don't...


Illegal waste dumping 2

19:43 Dec 23, 2012

There has been illegal dumping of waste at 155 Killinarden Heights at the front of empty house. As neighbours we all are affected because waste is being...

155 Killinarden Heights, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Fly tipping courtown park Kilcock 1

11:39 Dec 23, 2012

Bags of rubbish have been dumped along this road.


Rats and fly tipping 1

11:34 Dec 23, 2012

Public health risk caused by fly tipping along this ditch, rats have been seen coming out of the black bags


Fallen Tree 0

10:14 Dec 23, 2012

There is a Tree blown down & blocking the path on Forrest fields road,rivervalley,swords.

Rivervalley,swords,co Dublin

Part of fallen tree blocking entrance newlands road 1

10:11 Dec 23, 2012

Apologies for the second report but the map didn't load the address properly. It's the house opposite 2 Newlands Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. There is...

2 Newlands Road, Clondalkin

fallen tree branches Newlands Road 0

10:05 Dec 23, 2012

The wind knocked part of a tree down during the night. It's blocking the entrance to my neighbours drive and they can't drive in or out of their house.

Clondalkin, Newlands Road

Graffiti 2

23:21 Dec 22, 2012

A lot of Graffiti on the wall adjacent to Whitechapel green

Whitechapel green


Road full of Potholes 1

22:23 Dec 22, 2012

The road from Courtown Bridge to Gragadder/Roestown is full of potholes. Ive damages two wheels in the last few weeks, This road has continous HGVs on...


Light in lane templeogue village 1

20:55 Dec 22, 2012

The street light half way along the lane between Templevill Drive and Templeogue Village ( side of old AIB ) is out. This lane has a Hugh level of pedestrian...

Templeogue Village / Templeville Drive


sign falling down 0

01:58 Dec 22, 2012

there is a metal ramp sign falling from a lighting pole outside 115 ballyfermot ave dublin 10 this is in real danger of falling on a somebody passing...

ballyfermot ave


Streetlight not working 2

22:04 Dec 21, 2012

Streetlight no. 34 on Ballycullen Drive is not working.

Ballycullen Drive


litter 3

13:45 Dec 21, 2012

hi i live on aongus grove and we a have litter problem in the field beside me there is 40 or 50 black bags dumped if this problem is not adressed quickly...


Dumped tv 2

11:57 Dec 21, 2012

Tv dumped on green area at bottom of alderwood avenue. Been there for 2 months and the council have been made aware by phone on many previous occasions.

Alderwood avenue, Springfield

No street lighting at my end of the street 1

11:56 Dec 21, 2012

There is no lighting at my end of the street. Not even lampposts. This means there is very poor visibility at night and early in the morning, and also...

17 Peyton Drive, Stoney Lane, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin


Illegal dumping 2

10:02 Dec 21, 2012

Shopping trolley dumped on Sundale Close Tallaght

Sundale Close

No lights 1

23:44 Dec 20, 2012

Hi the walkway from roanstown police station towards neilstown shops could lights be installed for safety reasons? Thank you

Foxdene balgaddy


Bin left 2

23:40 Dec 20, 2012

Black bin left on grass verge beside Meile an ri at the fence beside church. Thank you

Foxdene,balgaddy,Lucan south,co Dublin

Flooding on Road. 1

22:39 Dec 20, 2012

When raining a pool of water gathers on the roadside outside our house due to an uneven surface. It is particularly dangerous when frozen especially to...


Puddles lodging on footbridge 1

22:12 Dec 20, 2012

After each shower of rain the rain water accumulates on the bridge resulting in localised flooding. A few holes in appropriate spots wouls allow the...

Rathcoole, Co Dublin