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Street Lighting 1

11:45 Apr 13, 2013

The street is very dark as the yellow lights give practically no light compared to the white lights on the other streets.

8-10 Norwood Park, Dublin, Co. Dublin


Bags of Rubbish / St Johns Lawn 1

10:31 Apr 13, 2013

Split bags of rubbish are discarded at the at St Johns Green / St Johns Lawn Roundabout near Corkagh Park in Clondalkin

st johns green clondalkin

Traffic light dublin road virginia 1

23:49 Apr 12, 2013

Traffic lights on Dublin road do not work when you press button. on such a ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Old Bawn estate entrance 2

18:16 Apr 12, 2013

Can something please be done about the eyesore at the entrance to the Old Bawn estate. I refer to the broadband/electricity boxes that are so badly located...

Old bawn road


Dead Dog - Central Medium opp Poitin Still 1

16:32 Apr 12, 2013

There is a dead dog in the central medium (northbound side) of the N7 opposite the Poitin Still. It has been there for over a week.

central medium (northbound side) of the N7 opposite the Poitin Still

Roundabout on Barton Road East dangerously slippy (Dundrum end) 1

16:01 Apr 12, 2013

A few months ago I drove on to Barton Road Roundabout, and couldn't stop, the ground was like grease. I got my brakes checked and new tyres. This evening...

1 Ballinteer Road, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Capel st 1

15:29 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via dumped bag

Capel st .jpg

Photo3 1

15:15 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via Rejected/untagged bags


North Frederick St 2 1

15:15 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via dumping, including a box of bottles


North Frederick St 1 1

15:14 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via Daily collection


Bride St D2 1

14:38 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via Black bags on the street


Bride St, D2 1

14:38 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via Dumping under archway


Summerhill parade, Dublin 1 1

14:32 Apr 12, 2013

See photo. Via V bad dumping & littering

Summerhill parade, Dublin 1.JPG

street lighting firhouse 1

10:30 Apr 12, 2013

Street light number 2 outside number 14 carriglea view firhouse broken

streetlight number 2, outside number14carriglea view firhouse


graffiti 1

10:24 Apr 12, 2013

graffiti on wall outside loreto high school beaufort

loreto school grange road rathfarnham dublin 14


Broken paving 1

21:14 Apr 11, 2013

Already reported a month ago: broken raised granite plinths/seating on N Wall Quay on the campshire opposite convention centre. ---- This report was...


Loose Paving 1

19:19 Apr 11, 2013

Paving stone in middle of footpath is loose and rises 3-4 inches above level. Serious trip hazard on major thoroughfare. At bus stop no. 299 ---- This...


N4 dual carriageway and M50 Southbound 1

17:58 Apr 11, 2013

Can the numerous potholes just before the pedestrian bridge in Palmerstown and coming from the city centre and more potholes after pedestrian bridge at...


Dangerous Road Conditions - Potholes 1

17:54 Apr 11, 2013

The road from Ballyhooly bridge (directly past front door of former Castle Tavern) in the direction of Glenville is in an extremely dangerous state of...


Road in disrepair - Ballycullen 1

17:11 Apr 11, 2013

Road in very bad state of repair - very deep potholes, hard to avoid They are only filled in by local authority, not actually repaired so the patching...

Upper Ballycullen Road, Mullinahone