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Cars for Cash 2

11:18 Jan 09, 2014

Illegal signage - cars for cash (attached with tie-wraps rather than sticker type) - at Mayberry Road Junction with Belgard Road - Two instances to report,...

mayberry road, junction with Belgard Road, Dublin

Street light 2

11:05 Jan 09, 2014

Street light number 75 not working at 23 Pembroke Crecent,Pembroke Woods,Passage West,Co.Cork ---- This report was originally submitted at



Illegal Dumping 1

10:53 Jan 09, 2014

Just back from walking my dog and saw all this illegal dumping in the ditches beside little river on right hand side on Palmer Road near to GAA end of...


Street bin not emptied Ballyroan Crescent 2

10:36 Jan 09, 2014

The street bin between no. 32 and no. 34 Ballyroan Crescent at the top of the walkway has not been emptied since at least November 2013. A collector...

ballyroan crescent

Tree blocking view of crossing 2

10:35 Jan 09, 2014

The tree beside the traffic lights for the crossing opposite the gates of Scoil Chaitriona on Mobhi Road causes a blind spot for both pedestrians and...


Re Taring of Road 2

10:19 Jan 09, 2014

Hi I have a house down in Muckrussaun The Neale Co Mayo. It is the house at the very end of the village and the road up to it is in a very bad way and...

the neale, muckrussaun, co mayo

Water leakage on the street 1

09:47 Jan 09, 2014

At the corner of Hayworth Drive / Hayworth Terrace in Ongar Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15, there is water running from under the parking into the street....

Ongar Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15. Corner Hayworth Terrace \ Hayworth Drive

Request for traffic calming 0

09:29 Jan 09, 2014

Due to a blind corner, it is very difficult for the many school children and parents with babies to cross from Clonuske Drive, across Hamlet Lane near...

Clonuske Drive

Traffic light damage 0

09:25 Jan 09, 2014

Outside Cocoon Childcare, Balbriggan: Traffic light was hit by a car and is leaning over. It is a danger to children who cross here and drivers cannot...


Street light 1

09:22 Jan 09, 2014

Street light at bottom of steps outside 6 Clonuske Drive, Balbriggan is not working. It has been like this for about 6 weeks.

Clonuske Drive


Flooding/drainage 0

09:20 Jan 09, 2014

Ongoing problem with flooding/drainage on the beaverstown road, in particular outside the educate together ---- This report was originally submitted...


Street Lights Out 1

09:20 Jan 09, 2014

There is an ongoing problem with street lights on the beaverstown road opposite the educate together and just before turn for beaverstown orchard ----...



Beds dumped Clonee 0

09:11 Jan 09, 2014

Two beds and numerous bags of rubbish dumped on main road outside Beechfield Estate overnight

Beechfield, Clonee

Main Street Newcastle - Large Pothole 3

08:23 Jan 09, 2014

Very large pothole located at left hand side of Texaco Garage (outside apartments) on Main Street Newcastle. It is a severe hazard as it is very deep...


Blocked Drainage 3

22:50 Jan 08, 2014

There is a blocked roadside drain adj to 104 Inchicore Road, it allows the road to flood and often pedestrians have difficulty passing with heavy traffic....


Graffiti 3

21:35 Jan 08, 2014

Black graffiti on wall between Orwell mews & Orwell road ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...



Graffiti 3

21:30 Jan 08, 2014

Graffiti on wall at bottom of rathgar park ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Dangerous Pothole 2

21:30 Jan 08, 2014

Hello Just to report a very large and dangerous pothole at this location. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Green bin still there. 2

19:40 Jan 08, 2014

Last week i reported repeated dumping on the green across from russell lawns. I also mentioned about a green bin that was there over a week. The rubbish...


Speed bump installation loose again 1

19:29 Jan 08, 2014

Speed bump installation loose again, needs urgent repair

405 bus terminus, Gort na Br?, Galway City