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Lights out of order 1

14:56 Apr 24, 2012

The following street lights in my area are out of order: No.1 on Rossmore Crescent No. 52 on Spawell roundabout Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20 and 21...

Rossmore Crescent Dublin


The state of St. Cuthberts Park, Clondalkin 1

13:56 Apr 24, 2012

St. Cuthberts Park is used as a local dumping ground, there is rubbish EVERYWHERE! Burnt rubbish, dirty nappies, broken furniture, glass smashed and it...

St Cuthbert's Park, Clondalkin

Broken Glass on Griffeen Road Footpath 4

11:25 Apr 24, 2012

The footpath and cycle path along Griffeen Road is littered with broken glass all along the path. This is similar to all the pathways around that area....

Griffeen Road, Lucan

Main drain - possible blockage or collapse 1

11:18 Apr 24, 2012

I have manhole covers at the end of my garden. I had noticed several borrows in the last few weeks. On Sunday, I did see a Rat in my garden. On monday...

19 Griffeen Glen Vale, Lucan

Road Defect 1

11:02 Apr 24, 2012

At the end of the hill on the Finglas road just after Glasnevin Cemetary toward Finglas there are a series of what can only be described as lumps of tarmac...

Finglas Road, Dublin 11

Abandoned vehicle 2

10:25 Apr 24, 2012

I would like to report an abandoned vehicle in the car space for 39 Stockingwell Wood, Stocking Ave, D16. It is a turquoise Toyota and there is no tax,...

Stocking Ave, Dublin

Illegal parking 3

09:50 Apr 24, 2012

Illegal parking on Newtown park, tallaght, d24. Causing conjestion and inconvience for local elderly residences. Would it be possible to get double yellow...

Newtown Park, Tallaght

Subsidence in road surface 2

07:24 Apr 24, 2012

I reported a few months ago on subsidence on Clonkeen road. This was patched at the time, Thanks! However it seems to need more than patching as it is...

Clonkeen Road, deansgrange, aabout half way along

Double parking 3

19:01 Apr 23, 2012

People are constantly parking at the top of our road and I would like for double yellow lines to be put in place to prevent this from happening. i believe...

Newtown Park, Tallaght

litter at fairways dublin 14 2

18:56 Apr 23, 2012

Large white builders bag dumped on footpath 53°17'51.55" N 6°17'45.15" W

1 Fairways, Rathfarnham

litter/dumping 2

14:17 Apr 23, 2012

There is a sofa dumped in the front garden of a house at Orwell Park Drive for the past two weeks.

Orwell Park Drive, Templeogue

Footpath defects 1

13:46 Apr 23, 2012

The footpaths in Ambervale, Cookstown Road. Tallaght are in bad need of repair and maintenance. The footpath increases and decreases in level to the point...

Ambervale, Cookstown Road

Further litter in the Tymon Park 2

13:45 Apr 23, 2012

There is a further build up of broken glass on the Tymon Park pathway between the bridge over the stream at the entrance road to the National Basketball...

Tymon Park, Tallaght

Tymon Park - Another park bench destroyed 2

13:39 Apr 23, 2012

Noticed that another park bench has been destroyed by a fire in the Tymon Park adjacent to Rushbrook Avenue, Willington Note:- No category for Vandalism...

Tymon Park, Templeogue

Public Lighting out of order - Greenhills Road 1

13:31 Apr 23, 2012

The public lighting along a portion of the Greenhills Road adjacent to the entrance to the Greenpark Estate is out of order.

Greenhills Road, Dublin 12


Light out of order 1

12:08 Apr 23, 2012

I live on Hillside Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 and the street light on the brown pole as you come onto Hillside park is not working. Can you please...

Hillside Park, Rathfarnham


Road damaged 3

12:00 Apr 23, 2012

I need someone to take a look at the road outside 4 Beverly Park, Knocklyon. There is a large crack in the road surface, on the “green side” of the...

4 Beverly Park, Knocklyon

Street lighting 1

11:54 Apr 23, 2012

Can you attend to street light number 5 templeroan way knocklyon d16 as it has been out of order for quite a while and leaves cars and pedestrians very...

Templeroan Way, Knocklyon


Litter and illegal Dumping 2

10:25 Apr 23, 2012

Please be advised that there is amount of litter consisting of an old mattress / rubbish dumped on Lyons Road between Newcaslte turn off and UCD College

Lyons Road, Newcastle, Co. Dublin

grass and litter 4

15:37 Apr 22, 2012

tree and maintenance main road tallaght (GLENVIEW PARK) grass area cut but only half done, in around the trees has become over grown and an eye sore.People...

Glenview Park, Tallaght