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Bins outside Ivy House Pub, Botnic Rd, D9. Reported from to 1

20:54 Aug 24, 2013

See photo. Submitter says "Bins belonging to Ivy house pub in Upper drumcondra. Left on footpath for a more than 5 days with magots and stench running...


Millview, Kilmainham D8. Reported from to 0

20:49 Aug 24, 2013

See photo. big, disgusting pile of loose waste, hardly even bagged up. submitter says there is potential identifying information in here (medication...

Millview, Kilmainham D8.jpg

street bins full 4

19:16 Aug 24, 2013

Bin outside supermacs and news and choose full to the brim you either need to install more bins or empty them more regularly this is really annoying...


Graffiti 1

16:55 Aug 24, 2013

Wall behind bus stop at old bawn rd between ahearnes pub and old bawn terrace sprayed with yellow graffiti can it be removed please

Tallaght old bawn rd


Abandoned car 1

16:14 Aug 24, 2013

A car, in poor state of repair, has been parked across the road from my street for the past 6 weeks. Reg. 03d37256 I've checked with neighbours and it's...


Tree Too big and Potentially Dangerous - St Columbas Heights Swords 1

16:07 Aug 24, 2013

Tree in residential estate located between 11-13 St Columbas Heights Swords has grown to huge size and firstly it is potentially dangerous to children...

St Columbas Heights Swords

Water leak at stop cock 2

12:12 Aug 24, 2013

A council employee checked for a water leak on Friday 23rd Aug. Following his report that the stop cock is damaged the leak has got considerable worse....


Screening 3

11:08 Aug 24, 2013

I read in the echo that the council have agreed to erect wooden screening around the nine ugly boxes at the enter ace to old bawn estate please please...

Tallaght old bawn

Grass cutting weed killing 2

11:05 Aug 24, 2013

-on the old bawn rd in tallaght down at the dodder park area and aylesbury estate on the opposite side of the road there is a problem the aylesbury side...

Tallaght old bawn rd

Path cleaning 2

10:50 Aug 24, 2013

Oxygen were on the old bawn rd and killinney rd on Friday cleaning weeds etc from road and a ths we have been asking for them to clean the path at the...


street lighting 1

09:27 Aug 24, 2013

street light on pineview grove aylesbury is out for past few days. makes the cul de sac very dark and dangerous leading into a gap walk way.



Stray Cats 1

23:30 Aug 23, 2013

Hi, What can one do about stray cats. In West Park Estate its becoming a big problem as so many take aways in the area.

43-44 Westpark, Dublin, Ireland

graffiti on esb sub station 2

23:29 Aug 23, 2013

there is a lot of nasty grafgiti on esb sub station on main road running through estate and removal of it would be greatly appreciated by residents.

90 River Oaks, Claregalway, Co. Galway


Littering at Tallaght 3

23:29 Aug 23, 2013

litter in apartments next to bus stop

Littering at Tallaght

Road or pavement defect at Long Lane 1

23:29 Aug 23, 2013

Broken eircom cover on footpath on Clanbrassil St lr at Long Lane

Road or pavement defect at Long Lane

broken street pamp 1

22:58 Aug 23, 2013

the street light in Haydens Park lawn Lucan is broken & it is very dark/danderous at night.



22 Aug Rubbish Dumped Richmond Cottages North. Reported from to 1

21:38 Aug 23, 2013

See photo. Dumped rubbish, here for a few days, plenty more on the nearby streets says Submitter

22 Aug Rubbish Dumped Richmond Cottages North.jpg

St Barnabas Gdns, East Wall, D3. Reported from to 1

21:32 Aug 23, 2013

See photo. Greyhound bags uncollected, again. Submitter says this is a common problem locally: legitimmately tagged bags left uncollected for days &...

St Barnabas Gdns, East Wall, D3.jpg

Shemalier Rd, D3. Reported from to 1

21:20 Aug 23, 2013

See photo. Rubbish there a long time & partially burnt

Shemalier Rd, D3.jpg