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Street Light 1

10:51 Apr 28, 2014

Hi there Our only street light is not working (bramley garth, carpenterstown, dublin 15), can this be repaired asap please.

Bramley Garth, Carpenterstown


Rubbish Kiltalown 1

10:31 Apr 28, 2014

dumping on Kiltalown Road at corner Kiltalown Avenue Dumping still continuing at this spot and has not been collected - the contents of dumped bags have...

Kiltalown Road,Tallaght

pedestrian traffic lights 1

10:05 Apr 28, 2014

Pedestrian traffic lights installed outside phase 1 of Crodaun Forest Park, Celbridge in Dec 2013. They have not been switched on despite numerous requests...

Crodaun Forest Park, Celbridge.


Broken Street Light 1

09:01 Apr 28, 2014

This is the second time Ive to report this. This light is currently not working outside 57/58 Arthur Griffith Park Lucan for approx two weeks.

57 arthur griffith park lucan


Grass Cutting on Knocklyon Green 1

08:34 Apr 28, 2014

Hi, Can you please advise when the grass on the green area in Knocklyon Green is scheduled to be cut? This hasn't been done since last year and is in...

Knocklyon Green

Traffic lights stuck on red, during the night. 3

07:54 Apr 28, 2014

Junction n32 and Malahide road (Nothern cross) When heading south on the Malahide Road, at 5:15AM, the lights failed to go green, however the other directions...

Malahide Road, Dublin, Ireland

Lack of Wheelchair/Access Ramps 0

07:54 Apr 28, 2014

Ramp needed to exit path around Thornleigh Education Together. You can get up on the path at Thornleigh Green but no ramp to exit on Thornleigh Road....

2 Thornleigh Road, Swords, Co. Dublin

road condition 2

01:09 Apr 28, 2014

Road from Donaghmore Cross Roads to cemetery is badly corrugated and needs immediate complete resurfacing.

Donaghmore Road

rubbish 1

01:00 Apr 28, 2014

6-8 rubbish bags in ditch on Wed. last. at end of road.


hole in wooden bridge plank, pedestrian path, from Renmore to Galway train station 1

23:59 Apr 27, 2014

There is a hole in wooden bridge plank, halfway along pedestrian path, from Renmore to Galway train station. Not sure if Galway city council or CIE, hole...

pedestrian path, from Renmore to Galway train station.

Faulty pedestrian lights 1

23:40 Apr 27, 2014

The pedestrian lights are faulty just before the Forge Cross roundabout. They are turning red every few minutes, despite no one pressing the button. The...



Potholes in carpark 1

23:40 Apr 27, 2014

There are potholes at the entrance of Slatt's carpark on the JJ Sheehy rd entrance. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...