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Kilmainham, D8. Reported from to 3

23:19 Apr 27, 2014

See photo. Kilmainham, D8 - Apr 27 2014


problem horses 2

20:57 Apr 27, 2014

Gap in fence at top of donahies park is allowing men bring horses through from far estates to tie up horses on a small residential road that has a green...

whyteleaf grove, the donahies, dublin. 13

Dead animal 2

20:40 Apr 27, 2014

What looks like a skinned leg of raw lamb protruding from a plastic bag left on the path outside Metropolitan apartments. Starting to smell quite badly....


Pedestrian Traffic Lights not working 1

19:47 Apr 27, 2014

The pedestrian traffic lights on Monastery Road, Clondalkin (Ibis Hotel roundabout end) are not working

Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22


Graffiti on wall at Druid Valley 1

17:43 Apr 27, 2014

Growing array of graffiti on wall alongside 1 Valley Drive and on the entrance pillar to the estate.

Druid Valley, Cherrywood, Dublin 18


Foul Sewer manhole cover dislodged 0

17:25 Apr 27, 2014

The large manhole cover at this location has been dislodged, and is not secure. I levered it back into position some years ago. A manhole cover at a nearby...


Open black bags dumped 2

16:10 Apr 27, 2014

Open black bags full of rubbish dumped at the wall at the end of Cloonmore Close. Rubbish spilling out. ---- This report was originally submitted at...


Bags of rubbish dumped 2

16:10 Apr 27, 2014

Numerous bags of rubbish dumped and spilling out on to the path. Kids playing in the area so is very dangerous as well as being an eyesore. ---- This...


Overgrown trees at 416A Ballyoulster Park, Celbridge 1

14:58 Apr 27, 2014

I wish to report overgrown trees (Leylandi) at at un-occupied house on the entrance road to Ballyoulster Park, Celbridge. These trees are out of control...

416A, Ballyoulster Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare