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Darley Tce, D8. Reported from to 1

19:46 Aug 21, 2013

See photo. bags & bulky waste (office chair etc)


Darley Tce, D8. Reported from to 1

19:45 Aug 21, 2013

See photo. pavement impassable to wheelchair user


Parnell St, D1. Reported from to 1

19:41 Aug 21, 2013

See photo. LArge pile, never collected by greyhound, look legitimate (tags & no rejection slip). What are Greyhound doing on this street ? Why are...

photo 2.JPG

low hanging tree branches 2

15:36 Aug 21, 2013

The branches of the tree outside no. 19 are hanging low and blocking the footpath for pedestrians. They need to be pruned back a little.

187 Ballyroan Road, Dublin 16, Ireland

Street drainage at Moss Street 1

15:36 Aug 21, 2013

Missing shore cover on footpath outside Ulster Bank HQ

Street drainage at Moss Street

Traffic safety sign damaged 2

15:36 Aug 21, 2013

"children crossing" warning sign has become detached from pole and is twisted away from traffic. Located just before the entrance to Castleknock College...

39 Luttrellstown Heights, Dublin 15, Ireland

Rubbish Dumping 2

14:10 Aug 21, 2013

Black bags of rubbish has been dumped in Fingal area of Tyrrelstown, they are on the grass area beside bellgree house.


Grass not cut on Verschoyle Green all summer 2

12:30 Aug 21, 2013

The grass on Verschoyle green has not been cut all summer. It is about 3/4 feet high. It is now dangerous as it is not safe to let children play on it....

Verschoyle Green, Saggart Abbey

Litter 2

12:14 Aug 21, 2013

I have only been living in the area for 2 years but i have never seen a an area so bad for litter. The constant litter around the Penny Hill junction,...


Hedge obstructing footpath 2

12:09 Aug 21, 2013

The junction at the Penny Hill pub is overgrown with shrubbery form the the housing estate. Only about a 1/4 of the footpath is passable and low lying...


Abandoned Bins 2

10:36 Aug 21, 2013

6 domestic bins ( 2 black, 2 green, 2 brown) "appeared" 4 weeks ago on a green in Colthurst Lucan with house numbers still on them, this was reported...

Colthurst Lucan

Gully in roadway 1

09:49 Aug 21, 2013

Narrow road on a bend with poor visibility. A newly-eroded gully now runs alongside, leaving insufficient space for two vehicles to pass, and causing...


Graffiti 2

09:37 Aug 21, 2013

Football containers in dodder park at old bawn an eyesore sprayed all over. Only answer here to move containers around the corner looking down into park...



Litter pick needed 2

09:29 Aug 21, 2013

The litter at the stone wall in dodder valley park old bawn is mounting up. A pick is needed don't forget other side of sub station opposite Parkwood...

Tallaght dodder valley park old bawn rd

Weed killer 6th request 2

09:26 Aug 21, 2013

Can weed killer be sprayed around traffic light post and sign post reading firhouse located on the green strip outside dodder valley park near pedestrian...

Tallaght old bawn rd